Hashish is medicine?

If Marijuana is:
The SAFEST therapeutic drug know to man.
One of Humanities OLDEST medicines with a remarkable record of both safety and efficiency.
The BEST natural expectorant to void lungs of smog.
Used for the treatment of more than 100 separate illnesses or diseases
One of the MOST TESTED therapeutic drugs. Used since 2737 B.C., it is tested by time, not the 10 or 50 years like the drugs of today.
The BEST AGENT for the control of nausea in cancer's chemotherapy or nausea disorders.
The BEST KNOWN overall bronchial dilator.

Then If Hashish is nothing more than a concentrated form of marijuana then it would be logical to conclude that hashish would be more effective and less dangerous than marijuana in all these applications which means, Hashish is a miracle drug
Is Hashish is the safest known therapeutic drug?
The Cannabis plant, and it's extract known as Hashish, has hundreds of demonstrated medical and therapeutic uses. It is used to treat rare congenital uses as well as common health problems, from simple headaches to AIDS and cancer.
Hashish has been tested by millions of people, for thousands of years. In all that time there is not a single recorded death caused by smoking Hashish.
Hashish is two to three times as effective as currently legal medicine for reducing ocular pressure, without toxic side effects associated with present legal glaucoma drugs.
Eighty percent of asthmatics could add two to four years to their life spans, by using Hashish over the presently legal and toxic medicine used by asthmatics.

Facts about Hashish as medicine:

Ninety percent of glaucoma victims can benefit from the use of Hashish.
Hashish is also the supreme dilator of the airways, the bronchi, opening them up to allow more oxygen into the blood. Hashish is the best dilator of the little air tubes of the lungs, the bronchioles.
Medical research indicates that light Hashish smoking would be the therapy of choice for mild emphysema to allow more fresh areas of bronchi to open up for more transfer and increase the quality of life for tens of millions of sufferers of emphysema.
Sixty percent of epileptics can benefit from the use of Hashish. It is considered to be the best medication for many types of epilepsy and most victims' post-seizure trauma.
Hashish completely alleviates most migraine headaches - Hashish could replace 50% of all the valium, librium, thoracine, and stelacine used today
Research into oxygen transfer effects caused by marijuana smoking indicates that chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches and such, which are symptomatic of heavy smog exposure, are usually alleviated entirely by light smoking of Hashish throughout the day.

Hashish could be used to:

Relieve migraine headaches
Stop the advancement of glaucoma
Control spasticity from multiple sclerosis (MS) and paralysis
Alleviate nausea and pain associated with cancer chemotherapy treatments. Also helps in other cases of severe nausea
Block epileptic seizures
Help emphysema patients to breathe better, increasing their oxygen transfer
Relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism and helps other chronic pain diseases
Help in anorexia nervosa and other loss of appetite diseases
Work as a back spasm medicine; Hashish is the best relaxant of muscles short of morphine
Relieve asthma attacks and improve breathing
Help people with AIDS
-relieve stress and depression
-reduce pain
-eliminate nausea, stimulate appetite
Help skin diseases, like pruritis
Help depression and other mood disorders and be an adjunct to psychotherapy
Help overcome insomnia, deepen sleep
Help paraplegia and quadriplegia patients
Help alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol and narcotics

Hashish uses as medicine is old news!!!
-The Herbal of Chinese Emperor Shen prescribed Hashish as medicine in 2737 B.C.
So I say to hell with Medical marijuana give those sick people some hashish to smoke

Darkside 8/1/98


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