The major problem that today's pot smoker's must endure, is the stereotypes provided by Hollywood. While in the past Stereotypes were developed through observation, today's stereotypes are developed by the movie industry. When talking about potheads, the first thing people think of is Spicolli in "fast Times at Ridgemont High or Tommy Chong from the Cheech and Chong Series of Movies.

The fact is having literally met hundreds of thousands of marijuana consumers, I have only met one person that acted like Tommy Chong. That was Tommy Chong, twice I got to spend a number of hours, in a social situation where pot was being smoked. The interesting thing was while he acted exactly like the character, that he played in the Movies and on "the seventies show"; when ever the joint came around Tommy always passed, "I am okay was his response" Never once saw him smoke. Tommy is an actor and is acting. He even said so when he got busted for selling bongs on the internet. He told the judge "That he got caught up in the character that he plays on TV...

Aside from that people who are "stupid already" act more stupid when stoned and people that are smart, you often don't even know when they are stoned, as a matter of fact some studies have shown that smart people are more likely to try drugs, because of natural curiosity. While less intelligent people are more likely to get stoned all day providing the image of the dependent smoker.

Personally I have smoked for 40 years now, my intelligence was intact. I kept a couple dozen phone numbers in my head, remembered every address I ever lived and remembered people that I had only met once by name. I could keep up on Jeopardy...

Then I went into the hospital, I was put under sedation several times, during six trips to operating room. They fried my memory. Now I remember faces but can't put the names to the face, can't remember any phone numbers except my mothers and I wouldn't even think of embarrassing myself on TV. Most of the information is still stored in my head, but it takes me five minutes to a month to find it.

So naturally everybody says I'm a burnt out pothead...
These Photos Of Legal Recreational Marijuana Users Shatter Stereotypes

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