Zero Tolerance vrs individual rights

February 2011,

Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan. Joseph Cassias, a Battle Creek Walmart stock clerk, 
has an inoperable brain tumor. Cassias was fired from Walmart for medical marijuana use. 
A Grand Rapids judge ruled in favor of Walmart, despite the ACLU's claim of unfair.

When Cassius was fired from his job, the ACLU stepped in and filed charges against Walmart. 
The ACLU claims that because medical marijuana is legal when used with proper medical supervision, 
Cassias should not be fired for exercising his legal right to medical marijuana treatment for his brain tumor. 

NPR's Michigan Radio quoted Cassias's ACLU lawyer Scott Michelman, who used parts of Michigan's 
medical marijuana code in his arguments against Walmart. Michigan law states that patients, 
like Joseph Cassias who are under doctor supervised medical marijuana treatment are protected 
not only from arrest for use of the drug, but also from disciplinary and civil actions. 

Walmart states that while medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, Walmart has a zero-tolerance 
policy for marijuana use, regardless of purpose, even when an employee is not on company time.

Walmart spokesman Dan Rossiter said this of Cassias's case: "This is really becoming more of an 
issue as more states allow this type of treatment employers like WalMart are left without any 
guidelines except the federal standard. And until further guidance is availablewe'll always
 default to what we believe is the safest environment for our associates and our customers."

My challenge to Wal-mart, back up your words, make your stores safer still. If you are serious about
 Zero tolerance I propose that you set up mini drug testing at all doors. Then test all customers coming 
in for illegal drugs and alcohol, make customers prove themselves worthy of shopping in your store. 
Sober and drug free, how good can it be? and while you are at how about banning those 300 hundred pound beasts shopping in
 their spandex too? I am afraid one might fall on me and cause great harm to me or my children.

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