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America's Favorite Game show,
Where the candidate that spends the most money on advertising propaganda, gets to run a country for 4 years!!!

As many of you know I traveled the country on my 2012 presidential tour... the most interesting thing I have discovered in the past few weeks is that I can not find any Romney supporters... and everyone who says they are voting for Obama says they are doing it because they are scared to hell what Romney will do for his 1% buddies...

The most important sites to visit in 2012 election cycle were...

Get Out Of Our House
Vote Out Now
Kick Them All Out
Fire the government
Ron/jon for President

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Barack Obama, Certainly has not been a bad president, made his share of mistakes, he wants to end the Iraq war, but it's still going strong. The first thing his site asks for is your email address, secondly your money. No question that he is a true Democrat. On Weed? As a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Obama came out for decriminalizing marijuana use. That usually means eliminating jail sentences and arrest records for anyone caught with a small amount for personal use, treating it more like a traffic offense than a violent crime. But in a show of hands at a debate last fall, he indicated that he opposed the idea. When confronted on the issue by the Times, however, the senator defended his original ground. His campaign said he has "always" supported decriminalization. It's a brave position, and therefore exceedingly rare among practicing politicians. Which may be why it didn't last. Before the day was over, the Obama campaign issued a statement saying he thinks "we are sending far too many first-time non-violent drug users to prison for very long periods of time" but "does not believe that we should treat offenses involving marijuana with a simple fine or just by confiscating the drug." Recently, he had told a New Hampshire newspaper, "I'm not in favor of decriminalization." Seems like what he says is what "they" want to hear. He says he stands for change and against "politics as usual". Yet his campaign and his administration have been nothing but politics as usual. Who benefits from any reforms he may pass? Is it, the homeless, welfare mothers, and oppressed Americans or who ever has contributed a billion dollars to get him elected?
There are still accusations that not only was he raised Muslim, but if fact isn't even an American citizen? Barack's Website I think Obama while intelligent, is nothing more than a self-serving spoiled brat.
He saw an opportunity, to get a really cool job and went for it. While most of what he is doing seems ridiculous,
it's also entirely possible that he knows stuff that we are not privy to and is acting accordingly.
It could also be he is just grabbing everything he can, because after the White house, what's next?
It could be that everything we see is just multi-distractions to keep us off balance...
Obama's Mistakes

Mitt Romney (MA) --A Republican only 62 years old, apparently this guy ran the Olympics one year, and now he wants to be president, says the illegal immigration is about undesirables stealing jobs from hard working Americans, jobs like mowing his lawn... He ran and slash and burn company. He has recently changed his positions on abortion, gay rights and gun laws, of course these changes have nothing to do with his candidacy for President. It's obvious that the other Republican candidates don't like him, is it because he might be rich enough to buy the vote? Web Site- Mitt Romney

Ron Paul, What the hell was that all about?
neck-and-neck second place finish, WWE couldn't have scripted this one any better.
Ron Paul supporters to the end carrying out their esteemed leader...
Are we sure that they don't have the same writers?
That would explain a lot...
YET He was excluded from the Main event, He was likewise excluded from most newspaper headlines about the political contest, leaving some news watchers to question whether Paul is received unfair treatment from the mainstream press. Is Ron Paul the victim of a media blackout?

Pretending Ron Paul doesn't exist has been going on for years, The press say's they don't cover Ron Paul because he has no chance of winning, same excuse they use for not reporting on my campaign. Ron Paul's real problem is that his views do not reflect well in Washington.
If we have to have a Republican President, Ron Paul is the only candidate labeled Republican that I would ever support, and I don't think he has a chance, of winning over all the Republicans.
However the fact that he is polling a close second in Iowa, long labeled conservative, deserves media attention!
I believe he has the ability to bring in the voters that would normally go to third parties for their voter satisfaction.
My problem with Ron Paul is that he is just too old. He is 75 and not getting any younger. He has said and done many great things over the years, He Was the first to co-op the word FREE when he founded The Foundation for rational Economics and Education, but the time has come when he should be supporting a younger man, who thinks the way he does, but will be around long enough to make the change, because change is slow... You can't just blink your eye and change the world, and thus is revealed the first plan, to give Ron Paul's son a boost in the future, well played "Ron Paul"

So why did the Republicans let this circus run so long?
They kept Ron Paul in the picture to lull you into thinking that a Republican could have and speak the kind words and idea's of Ron Paul. Which in fact are the very ideas of the biggest political groups outside the anointed "two parties"... The things Ron Paul speaks about is out of their tiny little bureaucratic worlds and not in their plans.. The sad truth is he is the only Republican speaking those words, and there will be others, if it serves the needs of the party.

Gary Johnson Former two-term New Mexico governor and GOP hopeful Gary Johnson has dropped out of the Republican nomination race to run as a Libertarian candidate. Did anyone know he was running as a Republican?

Libertarian Party

Green Party Who is up next? This Just in The Greens have selected Jill Stein over Roseanne Barr, I think that's good news? Interesting enough, She ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 against Mitt Romney. Perhaps she has some left over dirt? or maybe she is just looking for her rematch Anyway, Jill is a Medical Doctor and has pretty much stolen my entire platform. In my defense I say if there is one thing other than lawyers that we need less of in D.C. it's Doctors. But you can't really blame the MD's for fighting back, the lawyers have been squeezing them for decades. So unless I see her getting good support I am still in... If you have to see it on the Ballot, I think she would be a good choice.

Virgil Goode? A Republican, Goode served six terms in the House and is gathering signatures to appear on the ballot in his home state. He's already on the ballot in more than a dozen other states with an anti-immigration, pro-term limit platform he hopes makes a dent with the electorate. It's not likely to be much of a dent, but could be enough to take close notice in some states.

John Galt jr Aka Ronald Gascon

which leaves third party and well the infamous log shot write in candidates. Can one of us win? I still believe yes. The 2008 election had over 300 write in candidates, each receiving thousands of votes, most had the same catch line "Are you sick of politics as usual? Then vote for me!" Most of them don't even list any issues or solutions, kind of vote for me and see what happens... Many of them present issues and solutions that are politics as usual.

So what sets me apart? They all seem to be going after the coveted voters that are traditionally Democrat or Republican. This is where I set myself apart I am looking for 60 million people who usually don't vote, those who are open to radical change, of an evolutionary, if not revolutionary changes. I present the issues and creative out of the box solutions, that make the Republicrates cringe.

Did you know that there is a Democrat Presidential candidate running against Barack Obama for President? And it’s not not Hillary Clinton. But since most mainstream news media outlets don’t view any opposition to Obama as being news or newsworthy, it is unlikely that you heard this news before:
Randall Terry is running for President on the Democratic ticket and is already on the ballot in a number of states—enough to win by default if other states follow Georgia’s lead in knocking Obama off the ballot.

7/15/2012 The lastest election news is RANDAL TRACKWELL, CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT WITH THE BULLMOOSE PARTY, is out campaigning...
Rumors have said Sarah Palin or Ron Paul were going to resurrect that long dead party...

Burton Ridgeway
Micheal David Elder
Da Vid

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