Sixty Percent Of Americans Ready To Fire All Of Congress,

Why stop there?

Our Government is corrupt beyond repair,
you can complain all you want about this and that and all the little things they distract you with,
but Firing the Government is really the only answer to return the power to the people

In that spirit...


To Donald Trump
the Republican Party,
The Democratic Party,
Health & Human Services
Crime & Public Safety and anyone else who claims the Right to control, bully or enslave the American people

Whereas, the federal government, currently represented by Donald Trump and a highly corrupted Congress, have shown both acute and chronic poor judgment in the judicial arena; low ethics in legislation; no wisdom in education; no compassion in medicine; no fairness in law; no ability to budget; and no regards what so ever for the will of the people:

Whereas the federal government has assumed power rightly belonging to the individual states and created too many policies that have crippled too many Americans lives:


This petition does hereby abolish your free ride.

Therefore, I petition the federal government, represented by Barack Obama, to peacefully return control of everything not constitutionally a jurisdiction of the federal government to the individual states to which those decisions belong.

We must insist, for our welfare, that we, the people, no longer pay taxes to the federal level, but will pay our taxes to our respective states; and, if Washington performs properly in its assigned functions per founding document [see US CONSTITUTION: RE: BILL OF RIGHTS], states will allot a predetermined [to be set by the voters in their individual states] percent of our state funds to approved federal programs. (As you have no experience in budgeting, I suggest you hire read up on the basic rules of bookkeeping.)

In this matter, you are hereby petitioned to cease and desist federal income tax; abolish the IRS, The federal reserve, and dismantle and other national agencies illegally established. Furthermore, you are obligated to immediately restore freedom to all political prisoners.

The Founding Fathers empowered us to throw off a tyrannical government "and provide new guards for our future security." We hereby petition our new guards be our old guards: THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

If you continue to ignore the constitution, we will just have to have another Constitutional Convention to which you will not be invited.

You are fired, and we're taking back our rights.
That should take care of many problems for WE, THE PEOPLE.

Please feel free to copy this and send it to your representatives in Congress, the President, The ruling parties, and any Patriotic friends you have. More reading?

The Kick Them All Out Project
Fire our Government - Facebook
Goooh Get out of our house.

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