Since I have been publishing Web Station #19. I have been called a lot of things among them drug addict, hippie freak, crazy, foolish, stupid and plenty of four letter words. After this message hits the web. I imagine heretic will be added to that ever growing list. I really don't understand why all the name callers, feel they have the right to judge and label me. I tend to reject all labels and pre-judgements because I know in the end I will be able to justify my life and I will reap the rewards of it. Today's message follows: One of the most perplexing questions that man has pondered for thousands of years is "Why are we here?" If you believe as most people claim, that we were created for a purpose, logic should bring that purpose into light.

To be created requires by logic a creator. I am agnostic and contrary to popular belief that doesn't mean that I deny the existence of god. I do believe in god, as I understand her. However I don't believe in organized religion as it stands currently. I don't believe in stained glass, golden statues, altars, crosses or giving a percentage of my earnings to the church. I don't believe a giving god would want to be worshiped. I ask you all... Why would god give us self awareness? Why would she give us creativity? Why would she give us the ability to solve the mysteries of creation? Why would she give us the abilities to move mountains and rivers and the ability to create lakes, ponds and streams? The ability to recognize the life cycles to understand life and death? I believe that we have all these powers because god wants us to create, so that we can help her. She has given us this planet so that we may show what we are capable of doing. She has challenged us to improve what we have been presented with...

So I ask you, Do you believe we are improving this planet? Do you think god wanted us to create toxic poisons, to torture the land and slaughter the plants and animals. Do you think god wants us to create concrete and asphalt cities? Do you think she wants us to poison the lakes streams and oceans? Do you think god approves of bombs missiles land mines and hand grenades? Is this what she gave us these powers for? Man has proven himself to be selfish and self indulgent. man has become a cancer on the face of the earth destroying all that has been created. Is this why we are here, to destroy the earth? I hope not for god's sake and for ours. It seems to me that a creator would only pass on the powers given to us so that we would help the creator. Did god build churches, malls and nuclear bombs when she created this planet? Does she have any possible need of these things? Man was not put here to be a cancer to mother earth. Man is here to aid in the healing of the planet.

It should be clear by now that today I am presenting you with an environmental message. I believe that we have been put here to protect life in all it's facets. Traditionally the so called environmentalists have sought to protect, by limiting change. I think we should be making changes, that we should be creating environments. I have been traveling the country for the past few weeks and have seen first hand what this country has become. I have spent two weeks in the midwest and I have seen but a dozen wild animals. What I have seen is vast dry grasslands and even drier desserts. Every place where man is, is but a step away from becoming a dessert. I think the main reason for this is lack of trees! Wake up America trees are the most important thing in all of existence. I have heard it said that before the white man came to America that a squirrel could travel coast coast without ever touching the ground. I saw plaques in Iowa that dispute this, they say when white man arrived there it was a vast green sea of grasses, being grazed upon by bison, deer and antelope. Now it is covered by hay, wheat, corn fences and cattle. So it hasn't changed much then? Yes it has! The plaque said that the grasses were four to six feet tall and moved like waves in the ocean under the touch of the winds. Grasses of those heights would have protected the delicate earth from the harsh sun and preserved it for the next generations of plants. It would have provided protection for the smaller unseen animals as well. Growing wheat, hay and corn in neat little rows does not protect the earth beneath. Mowing them down and taking their bulk away does not return the resources to the earth. The sod created by the web of grassy roots holds the earth in place. Constantly plowing the earth makes it prone to washout. I also saw tens of thousands of bales, balls and stacked hay. The only animals I saw for hundreds of miles were beef cattle, suffering under the hot sun or gathered in the shade behind the giant billboards which deface the panoramic views. (what is left of them). This land needs trees, it needs cover crops, it need wildlife. We can make this happen by cutting down our our beef consumption.

While I was traveling through the vast emptiness of the Utah desert I came to a scenic overlook. What it overlooked was an endless sea of nothingness. The plaque there said that it used to be open range grasslands, but after being overgrazed for years, it no longer suits that purpose and is now protected? What's left to protect rocks and a few dried up stumps? I encountered a rain storm and watched as the water hit the ground and immediately turned to steam and rose back into the skies. The lack of water causes the continued cycle of dryness and death. I came to a rest area where sprinklers were watering the grass lawns. I wondered why they bothered when just ten feet away bushes were dry enough to burst into flame. In Idaho I saw many bright green fields as water was being distributed across the surface. Next field over brown dry ready to burst into flames, no crop, no water for you. I came across huge un-watered acres burnt black apparently by wildfires. Wouldn't it make more sense to water the earth before it burst into flame? The cycle can be broken by constant watering and the addition of broad leaf vegetation and trees. Once the plants are established they will protect the soil, it will remain cool and the rain will stay where it falls.

People we need to plant trees and lots of them. Trees bring the water and minerals up from the depths and deposit their wealth when they shed their leaves. They provide shade to the earth, smaller plants and the animals. I actually felt sorry for the cattle when I saw them crowding to be in the shade of a billboard. How would you like to be immense black, and fenced in under the scorching sun in the 90 - 100 degree summer weather? Now I know we can't just plant millions of acres, we don't have the resources, but if we create a number of oases in key positions, they will spread. We need to start with the marginal areas and work our way up to reclaiming the deserts. We need to create environments that wildlife and humans can share. Why not create environments just for the animals? The ecology of this planet has to be more important than the economic benefits, regardless of what they say in Washington D.C. What we need to do is each and everyone of us, take on the responsibility for a few trees. Plant some trees in the wide open spaces. Call them your own bring them water until they can survive on their own. We can save this planet from becoming an empty wasteland by eating less, by planting trees, and by giving back more to the mother earth than we take! If we plant the trees, the wildlife will follow I assure you we don't have long, the time for action is now... The bible tells us that Adam and Eve were given a garden paradise to live in. A healthy environment is green not gold or brown, what does your corner of the world look like? Now is the time to get back to the garden. John Galt jr

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