2016 Harvestfest speech

Hello, My name is Ronald Gascon and I am an independent candidate for the office President of the United States
when I was in grade school I was taught that anyone can run for president and I said I am going to do that.

At 17 I found out that you have to 35 years old and I wondered what I was supposed to do for the next 18 years
So I got married had kids and waited.
In I 1995 Launched my Presidential Campaign online.

In 1998 I began to travel the country with my message, now its 21 years later and still few people know who I am.
Why? because in spite of numerous interviews, mainstream News felt that they didn't want you to know about me and nothing was printed outside of college newsprint and a few letters to the editor.

For a while I was famous on the internet, thousands of stories, disappeared one at a time or in bulk as servers scrubbed their computers to remove mentions of the evil weed Marijuana.

I did make it on TV once, smoking a joint during the annual Arts festival in State College pa. the press identified me as an unknown protester even though they had given me a full interview on camera and knew exactly who I was and what I stood for. The press decided you didn't need to know about me...

Also in every election cycle since 1995, My servers have found a reason to shut down my website in October, just before the election.

Now Wikipedia has deleted me because their editors never heard of me.

In reality I have to admit it's my fault for never getting arrested, diplomacy with the police kept me from being hauled off in handcuffs, even when other were.

So earlier this year I went to Washington D.C. on 4th of July, where I got to speak for the fifth time at the annual Marijuana War Protest. I found the experience to under whelming compared to previous protests. As a matter of fact it didn't seem much like a protest at all. A couple dozen folks gathered half of which were long time activists. They were quite cheery, Talking about the good ole days, when they handed out joints and actually smoked at protests. The cry of day, we have won the war echoed through each speaker. We should be happy the DEA is going to reschedule Marijuana any day...
Guess what it didn't happen, just like it didn't happen when the potheads, Clinton and Obama were elected...

about Half of the States have legalized, decriminalized or accepted Marijuana as medicine. John Pylka Actually thanked Obama for how far we have come? I had to be the pessimistic spoiler.

My first D.C. Protest was in 1976. I was but 17, Everybody was excited Marijuana was being decriminalized around the country.

The cry of the day was Marijuana will be legal any day now.

40 years later, things look better but really are not. In the late 70's it was common for cops to take your baggie and "let you go this time". We often smoked in Parks, parking lots and even on the street corner. An ounce or less was a appearance ticket. At a protest you were likely to have a discussion of civil rights with the officers on hand. In 1980, the Legislature and Gov. Hugh L. Carey, to little fanfare, enacted a medical marijuana law in New York, the first of its kind. But the mechanism needed to make the law effective was never put in place, and it was largely forgotten.

Today, you can't think about smoking in public and in at least 46 states an ounce guarantees, that you are going to jail, you will lose your car, your job, get kicked out of school, kicked out of your apartment.
We have forced blood draws in six States, electronic Forfeiture in one state, Yes in Oklahoma Cops will withdraw all your liquid assets from the cards in your wallet.
In Michigan they are doing random DNA swabs during police encounters and these things will all spread faster than the flu.

But what about medical Marijuana, now recognized in half of the States. Lucky them?, the government has taken names, made their lists and labeled everybody now then are trying to take away users guns and cars from Medical Marijuana users, and sends the SWAT team from home to home to make compliance checks in case they are growing or have too much...
Thank god for medical Marijuana?

Bottom Line at the Federal Level, Marijuana is still listed a schedule one drug. So the feds don't care who says what, you will be busted. They are setting us all up for border searches between the states and DUI's for Everybody... Protests? Police show up in full Riot Gear, ready to kick some unarmed citizens ass, speaking directly to no-one Marching through and chanting move back, move back and then giving a beat down to anyone who happens to be in the way.

Last year there were over a thousand citizens executed in the streets of America by the Police, many thousands beaten, most often for just being near the wrong officer at the wrong time. This year is on target to break those records again. But most of us have little to fear, most of them were persons of color, half of them mentally challenged or hearing impaired. But do Remember, there is no law too insignificant to beat down or kill a citizen.

Marijuana is not legal anywhere, and we are not Free, the war is still raging. What should we do?
Do you know that over half of all Americans have no interest in politics and do not or can't vote? If you are a part of this majority, then this message is especially for you.

Most people don't vote for one of three reasons. Don't think their vote counts for anything. Don't think anyone who represents them is running. Don't think they really have a choice to choose from. If these are your reasons, you are right... But, we can change all that if we all just get out and vote. 18-26 year olds have historically been least likely to vote. I believe that in 2016 it is more important than ever before, in that the youth of America get out and vote!!! Why you ask?
The back door draft called poverty...

Bush started wars that will last for decades, they are calling it a war on terrorism. What it really is has yet to be determined... You have to wonder how bad do things need to get, before you decide to vote?

Lets talk about Polls. This entire election cycle has been about polls polls polls. Ever wonder why polls go up and down?
Are the people so fickle that they keep changing their minds during the election cycle?
Of course not, the reason the polls change from day to day is that different people have been polled.

Most people once they have made the leap of faith to support a candidate, stick with them until the end or longer. This is why Bernie Fans are still running with the Bernie cry long after his exit from the campaign. I would be willing to bet that this election will have more write-in votes than any previous, and most will be for Bernie. I almost fell into the Bernie kool-aid myself, then I did some research. Bernie said he voted against funding for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. True or False? There were a dozen or so votes taken over the past ten years about funding those wars. Bernie voted Yes every other time. Six times for, six times against. Did Bernie lie, technically no, but he sure as hell deceived us making his statement and lost all respect from me and anyone paying attention to what he was saying.

If you decide who you are going to vote for by the polling results, then you are not making a selection, you are just being a loyal sheeple. What it really means is that you are so afraid to make your own decisions, and that you only want to vote for the winner. This represents the Death of all hope. If this is the wave of the future then why bother to have elections, If no changes are allowed?

When you get in the voting booth, the only person you have to justify your vote to is yourself. The best reason to vote for a loser is that in a year from now, you can say "don't blame me I didn't vote for them"
So Have I convinced anyone to vote for me?
I now ask you not to, the truth is write in votes are never counted by candidate unless there are more of them than the leading contender and in seven states you can't even do it.

Jill Stein is the activist Candidate. She has been campaigning on the front lines, and has faced arrest a number of times because she is running a campaign for president. I think there is Something un-American about arresting and Jailing Candidates. She is talking about ending the wars foreign and domestic. A vote for Jill is a vote against the coalition of the Democrats and Republicans that have been taking away our rights for the past 50 years. Jill is the hope that we can escape from the republicrates and their ridiculous policies.

They tell you a vote for Jill is a wasted vote because she can't possibly win. No third party candidate has ever won right? Have we forgotten Abraham Lincoln already?
Who says a write in or third party candidate can't win? The Democrats and the Republicans that's who, and they only represent half of all Americans, It's time for the other half to get our chance to show them how a free society is run.

Common belief is that only a Democrat or Republican can win an election. The office of President of the USA has also been held by members of The Federalist Party, the Democratic Republican party, (yes they used to be one), and the Whig Party.

60 years ago, common belief was that no woman or black person would ever be president, that no catholic could ever be president. Today we scoff that any common man could be president. You must be a college graduated Lawyer to get elected right? Then along comes JFK, No black man will ever win then along came Barrack Obama and got elected using 75% of my previous campaigns. Everybody says that a bearded man can not be elected? Hasn't happened in 120 years but every president from Grant to Chester Arthur wore a beard. Will a bartender, or a tailor, or a hundred pound weakling, or a cripple ever be president? Already Happened Abraham Lincoln was a licensed Bartender, Andrew Johnson was a tailor, Andrew Jackson was 5 foot four inches and never weighed over a hundred pounds. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair. They say an obese person can not be elected yet William Taft was well over 300 pounds! And who would have thought that a Movie star could be elected before Reagan took the White House?

Someday if this country survives, we will have a woman president, we will have a Mormon President, we will have a Latino President, will will have an Asian-american president and someday we will have a Muslim President. Some argue that it has already happened... So when someone says that it just can't happen, because it never has before, just tell them that before George bush jr, the Supreme court never decided an election. Vote for Jill because she is the only opportunity for real change.

So why am I ending this campaign after 21 years?
When I started campaigning I said that the rule of the dead and dying is the greatest tyranny of all.
Our government is run by old men hanging onto laws written by dead people. It is time for the younger generations to take over vote the grey hairs out, and build your own world. I hereby pass the baton... Thank you

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