One of the long lost promises of the American Dream is shorter work weeks. Computers and machines were to make it so people wouldn't have to work as hard or as long. When I was running for president in 2000, I proposed a 32 hour work week. That is to say, make it so overtime would be paid after 32 hours instead of forty. Which means those people, who still work 40 hours get a raise.

Now everybody knows that most Capitalist minded employers would cut everybody's hours to 32 so they, would not have to pay overtime. Thereby creating jobs with the left over hours. I proposed this in a survey and got all kinds of negative feedback from people saying they couldn't get by on eight less hours of pay and why should they give up their work for the lazy people who don't have jobs. Now it's twelve years later, many people haven't had a raise since then. Yet prices have doubled, more jobs have gone overseas, and taxes are higher than ever and the government is running the largest deficits in history.

What would America be like today, if everyone sucked it up a little twenty years ago?

Then along comes Obama. Knowing the Democrats have been wanting a national Health care system, he puts into motion a system, that makes many insurance programs illegal, and forces employer's to insure employee's that work 30 or more hours. Predictably many of the big corporations would cut hours rather than pay for the insurance. Thus forcing most people to fall back on income and end up using medicaid for their insurance. Instant national health care and a thirty hour work week in one quick sweep. 14 years later will it help? Perhaps Obama is just an evil genius after all...

Do you know what happened April 15 1933?

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