One day five protests..
I. 4:00am sent a copy of My drug policy to president Clinton via his e-mail address
II. 4:20am Lit up for freedom, it was cold and raining so I didn't go outside.
III. 5am - 9am worked on Web Station #19 (continuing protest) 9am -2pm power nap
IV. 4:20pm Lit up for freedom with my friend Sehlis, the smoke drifted across the park..
V. 5pm -8pm Joined in the project 420 protest and drove a state forest and planted
about three dozen seeds along a nice little stream that I will never see again...

What? You didn't get to protest?
Set up your own personal protest day and once a week light up at 4:20.
Start a group or go it on your own...
Send protest letters to the White house via e-mail 24 hours a day seven days a week...
Project 420 is good for about a month or so just go for it !!! John Galt jr.

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