Columbus Cannabis Campout 98

June 12, 1998 Frontier Ranch Ohio. About 4000 people and almost a hundred dogs gathered for a peaceful assembly, music and information. I went to this concert protest, with the intent of speaking about tyranny, over zealous police prosecution, and hope. Hope because in recent weeks I have seen so much positive support, especially in the Bellefonte protest. I was met with more hope in Ohio than I could imagine. The Cannabis Campout was the freest place I have ever seen. There was no police presence, in fact organizers told me that the police were not allowed to come without permission. The music and atmosphere was nothing short of fantastic. Some what commercialized, there were plenty of vendors present with a wide selection of products. Capitalism ruled the event with free persons selling beer, pipes, bongs, marijuana, food, collectibles and more. However there was not a single fight among the peaceful crowd. I wondered how this could be? How had I not heard of this paradise so close to home. Then I realized the conspiracy the people of Ohio are just greedy, they want to keep it all to themselves. Proof? Whenever you hear about Ohio they say flat and boring. I found rolling hills, local cultures, and interesting intelligent people. More proof? The green panthers are located in Ohio, yet they try to convince stoners to move to Oregon to form the type of society they already have. If you get a chance to attend a Frontier Ranch function go for it!!

Afternote, I heard after the event, that the owners had great disagreements about how much freedom the people enjoyed, and said no more events at Frontier ranch

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