Mackinaw City is a unique place that has had many economic upturns and downturns over the years. It's main fame is that it is the north most part of the southern Michigan peninsula, which means to get to northern Michigan you have to go through Mackinaw City. The town currently boasts a population of about 1000 all employed in tourism for the summer, most on unemployment for the winter... Originally the town was founded on the fur trade, later it became a fishing city and even later became the capital for the ice block trade until the refrigerator was invented. A couple of decades ago the I 75 expressway came through and there was no reason for people to stop. In recent years it's main fame has been the gateway to Mackinaw Island, ferry boats take you out to this old fort Island where there are no cars and horses rule the transportation system. Now In 1997 a new economic boom tourist attraction was built. It's called Mackinaw Crossings, a sort of theme park like place set up as an old time village. Mainly, just like the the entire business district, it consists of pricey gift and souvenir shops. Everybody is selling the famous "Mackinaw fudge", decorated t-shirts and the like. They have a live butterfly house as well as a house of mirrors, each $4.00 to see.

There is live outdoor entertainment like juggler's and a real cheesy magician, who did a disappearing burning cigarette trick, (takes five minutes), and who tells more bad jokes than does magic. Later you can see him as a one man band outside of the pub. They have a broadway type show (with broadway type pricing) and an amphitheater with free music concert nightly followed by a laser show. The food was good the entertainment was fair.

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