The Federal Budget
Balanced, Deficit or Surplus?

The Federal deficit, the unsolvable problem that the Democrats and the Republicans are just started to seriously consider, was the easiest problem we have to solve. That was before Bush jr and Obama through all reason out the door by overspending trillions of dollars...

Why hasn't it been solved then? Did you know Thomas Jefferson first proposed the balanced budget amendment over two hundred years ago? It has not been "solved" because it is not in the best interests of our representatives (strange word considering) in Washington. The fact is just about every Congress person running for re-election in the last five election cycles was bragging about the pork they have brought back home. Hey wake up the pork is the problem, Congress is the problem. Do not re-elect any incumbents, they have had their chance. When voting look for independents, find out what they are about. They don't have a party platform to follow , so they will be more likely to tell you the truth instead of what they think you want to hear (standard politician). Always remember that age is not equal to wisdom. If you can't find a ideal candidate... run yourself.


The Outstanding Public Debt as of Oct 4th 2014 was

$ 17 ,8 7 7 ,9 3 8 ,9 2 6 ,1 1 5 .3 4

The estimated population of the United States is 319,145,510
so each citizen's share of this debt is $56,018.14.

More than Twice as much as ten years ago...

The National Debt has continues to increase an average of $2.47 billion per day since September 30, 2012!

Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!

A: My position on the budget surplus is that it didn't exist, when they said it did. It was created with fuzzy math, it is just excuse to spend more money and give tax breaks to the rich.
A budget surplus doesn't exist until the year is over and you have money left over. That's the way it works at my house and that's the way it should work for the government. I would Really Balance the federal budget, Here are a few suggestions on reducing the budget and deficit :

1. Separate Social Security System from Federal budget. Basic accounting procedures require it. Basically now the federal government counts Social Security taxes as Income while telling the people it is savings. Then they turn around and say that SSI payments must go off budget. The system takes in over 100 billion more than it pays out and Congress steals the rest...

2. Shut down non-essential government operations immediately, hopefully for good ! Yes the same ones they shut down during a budget impasse. If they are non-essential why do we have them at all?

3. THE BIG ONE Give the president line item veto power on all bills brought before him. An honest President will kill all pork at the source, no more multi-million dollar grants attached to jay walking bills.

4. $alary cuts and caps for government employees.

5. Serious cuts to foreign aid, we just can't afford it. In the past twenty five years we have sent a billion dollars in aid to each of a at least a dozen nations. Nations like Somalia, Sudan, Haiti, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, and the list goes on and on... A billion dollars or more to each. These countries are still war torn, impoverished and no
better off than they were two decades ago... The Governments here and abroad agree that most of the money just disappears without a trace, funding someone's war chest or retirement. THIS IS YOUR TAX MONEY, not at work. We must end irresponsible aid packages now.

6. Refocus the war on drugs to education and treatment. Not only will we save money, it just makes sense. WAR ON DRUGS

7. Full government support of renewable energy sources; solar, geothermic, wind and hydro-electric. Government building conversions are a top priority.

8. The cost of making cents and nickels has been more than their face values for an eleventh year in a row, the United States Mint disclosed in its recently published 2016 Annual Report. Lower metal prices helped the 5-cent coin with its unit cost easing to 6.32 cents from 7.44 cents in 2015.

We should discontinue the minting of pennies and nickels, it actually costs more than a penny to make a penny. It costs 1.5 million dollars for every million dollars worth of pennies. The feds make over 12 billion pennies per year. Which means we spent over 75 million dollars making pennies each year to get fifty million dollars worth of pennies?
Without new minting maybe people will stop paving our streets and parking lots with small change. Eventually they will fade from use, and be forgotten. We stopped making the half penny around a hundred years ago, since then the cost of living has doubled several times. What can you buy with a penny?** Where does that leave the value of a penny?

9. Set a one trillion dollar budget spending limit on the Federal Government and pay off the debt with tax reforms. Tell belly aching bureaucrats to just do it.

10. Stop printing and start minting one and five dollar coins. Paper money wears out quickly, usually in ten years or less. Coins on the other hand tend to last 50-100 years or more. The U. S. Treasury currently prints 500 million dollars per day, spending around 100 million dollars per year just for the paper! Dollar bills account for most of the printing. Why should we care, they can just print a few extra to pay the bills for the bills right????

11. Bring common sense into government. I was doing some work for a gentleman who owns a small convenience store, when I discovered how many inspections they go through in a year to protect us. Now this is the kind of store that has four or five apples and a dozen bananas at a time. This puts them on the inspection list of the Department of Agriculture. So each year the Department of Agriculture sends an inspector to check out the fruit and vegetables. He comes in and looks at it, checks for bugs and spoilage. They send another person in to check the eggs, this inspection involves holding the eggs up to a bright light and checking for embryos. Then they send another person to check the building for general health codes...It seems to me since the egg inspector and fruit inspector showed up the same day they could have at least car pooled!!! Then the real kicker is that the local State Health department checks all these things twice a year...Your Tax dollars not at work... John Galt Jr.

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