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How Does it Feel?

In all my reading and studying on the subjects of hemp and Marijuana through all the facts and all the propaganda, there is a topic which seem un-addressed and that is "How does smoking marijuana make you feel ?" Logically it should and would be the base reason that people smoke it in the first place.

So Here is the truth from someone who has regularly been smoking pot for well over thirty years.

The marijuana high is one of the most unpredictable of all drug intoxication effects, despite the fact that it is often considered to be a "soft" drug. When people are stoned on marijuana, the experience is strongly affected by factors that have little to do with the drug, and are actually due to the sensitivity of the person taking the drug to their surroundings and their feelings about the people they are with.

Marijuana smoking produces a high, several different highs actually, sort of a step by step process which can be stopped when you reach the particular platform you are seeking. . It simulates the pleasure senses, so it would be best to describe, what these pleasures feel like. The first thing you feel is a little light headed, like when you are high in the mountains. Thus why it's called getting high...
The first buzz is like the feeling you get when you are sunbathing, and a gentle breeze blows across your face. Everything is just a little bit surreal, like you know something is different but you can't quite place your finger on it. It's because your eyes are dilating, colors get brighter, more intense. Your nose feels funny , like a slightly running or like when you have had a mentholated cough drop. You get light headed, like after you've had a good laugh or a good cry.... Stress flows away, small things take on new meanings. You get the giggles "Big things" seem to go away Music sounds better, like maybe your ears dilated as well... Television video games, puzzles catch your interest. Reading is out forget it...

side note: a good use for Marijuana is to keep you from throwing up when you drink too much.. whether this is good or not depends on if your perception of throwing up is "wasting perfectly good alcohol..." or not.

The second level is when a person experiences a head rush, their head fells warm, sight becomes blurry, equilibrium is off, you have an odd ill feeling. There is a great tendency to sit and stay... lasts 10 -30 seconds. Afterwards everything seems funny, you laugh hard often to the point of tears. You may feel really creative and get into writing painting or what ever floats your boat. Everything works out perfectly, the best poem or painting, then when you see it the next day it's like what was I thinking???

The third level is a body rush. Which is like a head rush but all over head to toe. Vision blacks out, sound may block as well, and the feeling is like that simultaneous orgasmic climax with some one you love, you may feel your heart beating, sometimes you may feel so high, it feels like your chest or head is going to explode and you're going to die or something, but it is just paranoia and passes after a few seconds... Unlike the harder drugs like Heroin, crack, LSD or PCP, where when you get that feeling, it lasts seemingly forever and or you actually do die !!! Then it becomes like that feeling when you are holding on to that very special person after being as close as two humans can possibly get. Which tends to link marijuana to the sexual senses. So..

Is Marijuana an aphrodisiac? As a long term smoker I can say with out a doubt that for most people Pot is an aphrodisiac.

Is there a tolerance buildup? The daily marijuana smoker does experience a general tolerance. Also a daily tolerance the first buzz of the day is always the best, and as breakfast of champions nothing beats wake and bake. If you choose to smoke all day like most tobacco smokers you will reach a state of normality, that is to say you get used to being stoned and it feels normal rather then high...

So now that pot is regulated in some places, the assumption is that anything derived from cannabis is automatically legal and as safe as smoking the plant. So now we have dabs, basically it's pure THC in an oil form. Mind you I would use this as an enhancement, a drop on the end of a joint or the top of a bowl. Basically doing a dab is like smoking two or three joints in a single hit, thereby skipping all the steps and the real attraction of smoking pot. With smoking pot I can get as high as I want. I can't do this with dabs, because I am past how high I want to be on the first hit.
So now one hit and you are stoned off your ass for two three hours, you would think that would be enough, but I see people doing a dab or two every hour. Where does that leave you on the tolerance level? The last time i did a dab, I couldn't get high at all from smoking for three days...
So when your friendly pot connoisseur says he only does dabs, what he is saying is he found a way to get addicted to THC. Dabs make marijuana into "heroin"

Coming down off marijuana, It's usually passage of time one to three hours on the average. Occasionally a high grade will take you eight hours of good buzz. Another way is by munching down. Munching on goodies actually brings your buzz down and ohh everything tastes soooo good. You can also adrenaline crash... It's usually a realization, music stopped, something breaks, flashing red lights and wham nothing left but adrenaline. The pot buzz steps aside.. No matter what brings you down, Soon you are suddenly bored with the things which fascinated you moments before. then comes the crash and burn... off to sleep, deep sleep.

Darkside 11/23/97


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