Welcome to Jazzberry Farm,

When I left Pennsylvania and the festival scene, I had an empty spot in my soul...
So I have acquired a new venue, Jazzberry Farm and the attached Strawberry Field Camp.

What is Jazzberry Farm about?
It's a place for jazzberries to hang out.
Jazzberry Farm is a quaint country venue, just about a inch away from Mother Nature.
We are also a farm, producing apples, pears, several kinds of berries, and Permanent Puppies called Jazzberry Hounds!

Even before I cleared the property and built the stage, I doubted I could make any money at this endeavor.
I wanted to create a place where budding musicians and tired old musicians could hangout together,
with occasional spontaneous music would occur and play.
Short version it's not always about making money, sometimes, it's all about the music....
So why do I it?
It gets real lonely on top of the mountain and I enjoy the company...

What's going on?

Considering how few people have been here so far, a surprising number of people have been asking what is going on for 2017?
Music will be a certainty. Live bands? when ever they come, spontaneous music laughter and the occasional Bon-fire!
We may ask for donations to help for for various projects on property.
Next Jazzberry Show 2017 Jazzberry Jam June 24th 4pm - Sunset

While some have been trying to get me to do a full fledged festival, It has become increasingly clear that I can't afford more than one small show a year. So the small semi-private shows shall remain. This summer I will have the stage up and ready to go by mid June. June 24th I will have a get together, that looks like its going to be Summer solstice birthday party graduation party and the Jazzberry Jam, all rapped into one glorious sunset on June 24th. I will leave the stage up for a couple weeks and then it has to be moved due to Restoration work on the Barn.

So anyone who wants to play out here this summer should contact me soon to set aside dates!!!

I want to have a place where people are not afraid to bring their kids and dogs along. So Jazzberry Farm is very dog friendly place, that is if your dog is friendly to people and other dogs...

At this time there will be no vendors at the venue, what you need to eat or drink, bring it with you.
There is also no trash service, pack it in pack it out...

So if you are a band or person and want to play contact me at jazzberryfarm@aol.com

Remember the Farm is also available for band practices, private parties, video shoots and other events as available!!!
Email Contact

So far I have presented 8 shows that represented good old fashioned 70's style Campout parties, a couple bands, a bon-fire and camping out in a pleasant environment.
June 24th 2016 Summer Solstice Sunset sing along and puppy picnic

June 19 + 20 2015 Summer Solstice Sunset sing along and puppy picnic

In 2014 We had three FREE shows...

On June 21st 2014, We had the Birdsall Birthday Bash, "I can't believe I am 55 Party".

On Saturday August 23rd we had our second gathering of the 2014 season, The Musicians Ball...

September 12+ 13 The First Jazzberry Jam
All I really wanted was Just humans gathered to talk about life and glory days, when Americans still had a speck of freedom, while listening to some good music.

I invited all my neighbors, friends and relatives and almost no one came? I understand why my neighbors are not impressed by the beauty, that is known as my back yard as they all have similar back yards and have informed me that they can hear the shows fine from their homes. My relatives are all mad at each other for various shit that happens 10, 20, and even 50 years ago, so they would only fight with each other. My friends? have no excuse, so rather than presenting these shows for the deer beavers and bears, I will spend my money going to other shows, and make some new friends...

Free Primitive Camping provided next door at Strawberry Fields Camp.
Tent camping only! No RV's or buses in the Campground area!

So if you have a band or a group of people, that want to come contact me at jazzberryfarm@aol.com

Jazzyberry Farm
10177 county road 16
Swain New York 14884


Now some people are wondering why I would want to spend my weekends listening to music with strangers?
That's what I have enjoyed the most about the past 30 years, I have attended hundreds of festivals and concerts. The thing I always enjoyed the most was campfire hopping,
that is going from campsite to campsite and seeing how many people I could meet on a given weekend. I truly believe that strangers are just friends you haven't met.
So I have spent the last two years looking for the friends I left behind when I left New York 30 years ago.
some have died. Many are afraid to go out and party anymore due to police oppression.
Some of the ones I have found, treated me like a criminal. My best guess is they are embarrassed by who they used to be. I thought friendship like love was forever and unconditional,
I guess I was wrong. This means what friends I do have are those from the SShh Festivals, Aol, Sodahead and facebook.
That would be you, even if we never actually met.

It's hard to believe that it's been over 12 years since the last SShh Festival,
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