Presenting a Weekend at Jazzberry Farm
a Middle of Nowhere Block Party

2015 June 24 + 25th The Summer Solstice Sunset Showcase

Featuring the return of GypsyRose

and Folk singer Emma Tyme,

just back home from after a tour of New Orleans
and all pumped up to play

and last but not least a major score for Jazzberry Farm

Maury Rosenberg (From Hypnotic Clambake)
will be performing a solo set

Who is invited? Friendly people and friendly dogs that reside in the aforementioned area or not...
Hopes to be a gathering of old and new friends, also well as the re-union of the Jazzberry Hounds

So what happened?
Gypsy Rose returned, Maury came and brought a friend, Emma came and brought a friend... Let the pictures tell the story for now

Music Sampling from the show

Address is 
Jazzberry Farm
10177 County Road 16
Swain NY 14884


Jazzberry Farm Home

Jazzberry Farms shows are in Memorial of Rainbow Farms, Butcher Boogie, New Vibrations Society, Swagstock,
SShh Festivals, Tune Town and Every other Venue / show that has been cut short by the War on certain drugs and
the war on certain music, AKA RAVE act because the powers that be think we might be having too much fun to be legal...