Who Played?
SShh Festival Alumni
12 shows 50 Bands

When I booked the bands for SSHH, I hired musicians not hype. Some of these bands were Diamonds in the rough, most of them no longer exist, but just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean they didn't rock the house out. There were no bad bands at a Sshh Fest!!! I promise to maintain the same standards for all SSHH Festivals. In the past many of the people who came didn't have any idea who most of the bands were. They were then amazed to be presented a stadium quality show.

Those who's web sites have survived
Hypnotic Clambake
Juggling Suns Jam band from New Jersey
Raisinhill three man jazz band
JiMiller band Jam band from Cleveland
Caveman taking percussion to new limits
Barby Holder Folk and Celtic Music
Jah Works (the east coast's finest Reggae band) From D.C.
Buzz Poets Pittsburgh's hottest Punk Band
Disco Biscuits
Keyboard driven Jazz Jam from Philadelphia
Deadbeats!!!Dead covers and originals from NY
Jim A variety of sounds from Lake Placid NY
Tycoon Dog Straight up Rock n roll from NYC

the rest of the Alumni in no particular order...

The Baghdaddios
Sporadic Funk
Bohemian Sunrise
Waxy Monx
Carbon Sun,
The Process,
the Electric Jellyfish Pennsylvania's psychedelic Jazz band
Colonel Mustard tightest jam band on the east coast
Daddy Jones Kingdom
Zen Tricksters Dead Tribute and more
Rainbow Trout Funk Rock from Long Island NY
Dizzy Park Rock and Roll from Cleveland
Miracle Orchestra Jam band with heavy horns
Sinomatic Straight up Rock from Youngstown
Electric Eel Service Jam band from Pittsburgh
Bet Williams Folk Rock from woodstock NY
Electric Blue & the Kozmik Truth psychedelic blues Amherst, Ma.
Cannabis Cup Band New York City's Finest Reggae
Melvin Seals with JGB
Voodoo Babies
Future Chicken Farmers
Funky Niblets
Dynamic Stew
Mamadou Musical peace offering from Senegal
Viperhouse Jazz spasm groove from Vermont
Ben Swift band Funk Rock
Invisible Jet from Burlington Vermont
Marci Geller Angry folk singer with a piano?
Davids Foote funky jazz rock from Delaware
Riders on the Storm The Doors tribute
Michelle Vargo Folk Rock from New York City!!!
In the Flesh Canada's premier Floyd show
Nathyn Knott pa folk singer
IHI Yahn IHI Arkestra
Mr. Nimbus
Danny Longhair
Katsu from State College
the World according to Pauly
"The Wall" Pa's own Pink Floyd tribute band

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