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High John,
I believe in pot, but I don't believe in government. I'd enjoy having marijuana legalized, but it seems more urgent to me that government be abolished. The reason I feel this way, is that I have researched global climate warming for more than 20 years; I believe there is a clear and present danger of human extinction from this cause. It is quite clear that the present power structure, political and economic, is directly responsible for this state of affairs, and it is equally clear to me that it is totally impossible for this power structure to deal with the crisis they created.

Therefore revolution is essential to human survival. This perspective makes it seem less important what kind of idiotic laws or policies they make, because they have to go, one and all, sooner rather than later. Otherwise, we'll all be dead, and nobody's opinions or policies will matter.

High regards, Johnny Thunderbird

Johnny T,
The idealistic part of me could not agree more. However the realistic part says that government is here and there is no way to make it go away, even if we overthrow it something or somebody will take it's place. While I too believe there is a danger of human extinction. Who is to say that that would be a bad thing? While the present power structure, political and economic, is directly responsible for this state of affairs, and can not deal with the crisis they created. I don't think the green house effect is the greatest danger. Pollution and / or radiation will kill us off long before we burn to a crisp.

I think that now would be a great time to start pressuring the press to provide coverage for ALL candidates, Presidential, Congressional, and local. The media has claimed it's right under free speech and the freedom of information act. As with all 'rights' this implies responsibility. It is time for them to live up to that responsibility by providing the information our citizens need in order to make truly informed choices when electing persons to represent them at all levels. It is my opinion that the 'fifth estate' has not lived up to their task and yes, even neglected (whether by intent or oversight) to provide alternative viewpoints when they arise. The media's conspicuous absence during the State College protests, and their attempts to prevent third party candidates from participating in televised debates, indicate to me that they are being controlled by the same small faction of society that is presently controlling our government and our schools. If the internet is the only medium that is left to those of us who want to hear and debate the issues in a truly open forum, then that is what we MUST do! We will be heard! SG

I just read your rant on the Greenhouse effect...Very intelligent and well-thought out. I agree with all of it. Just an opinion but I think good old mother nature does a fine job of recreating balance whenever we people throw things out of whack...which is rather often. The danger isn't to earth but to ourselves. Like an animal will kill off her runts to be able to sustain the healthier of the litter when there is a shortage of food, mother earth may just decide that she can't provide for all of these people and kill off the weakest. So be it. We can't control mother nature....even though we like to believe that we can. Sehlis

I just can not believe that some fool (who claims to be a Libertarian) sent me an e-mail which said That he supports Maryland's new Marijuana bill which gives 1 year and $10,000 fine for first offense possession and four years and $25,000 for second offense. He says that drugs users who break the law deserve their punishment and tells me personally to get off drugs..."You will never be free until your free from drugs"
My response you will never know anything until you learn how to read and comprehend. I have never stated any where in my pages or policies or e-mail that I approve of drug use or am a current user of drugs except caffeine. So while you control your children with Ritalin and propaganda, smoke your cigars and suck on your bourbon, Understand this you are not a Libertarian you are a unmitigated Republican!
So don't soil the Libertarian's good name with your brand of excrement!
Freedom is not about conforming it is about individuality, understanding and respect for others and their individuality. John Galt Jr.
The government is a tool or machine without a mind of its own. The global economy uses the government to project economic power and control domestically and abroad. Hemp prohibition is about economic control of resources. Jay

The entire American economy is built upon false truths and is mostly unnecessary and the American people are slaves to it. The rich and powerful play an eternal game of poker each player trying to collect all the wealth possible. In order to create this endless wealth the American people are tricked into producing more wealth for the proletariat to collect through an artificially created infrastructures.
Fifty years ago Americans saved for their wants and paid for there needs. Today credit is the lifeblood of this economy. The youth are convinced that they have to go to college to get ahead and end up $40,000 to $100,000 dollars in debt. The simple truth is that close to 50% of employment opportunities in this country are in food Service (maybe more if you consider growing, trucking, processing etc,). So why do 90% of youth attend college? Most of these jobs are minimum wage and people in the industry get their training working their way through school. Now when you this far in debt you have to work two jobs just to pay the bills. Those who make it get 40 year mortgages and $60,000 cars.
In order to maintain this position entirely new, useless industries have been created Stock markets, school systems, corrections, advertising, prisons, legal and all the various entertainment industries and most of all government itself to protect us from what ever problem they create for us.... I have met college students that are majoring in turf grasses? $40,000 to learn how to grow grass and mow the lawn? Come on how many golf courses do we need? John

Dear John,
I think you are extremely paranoid, no god fearing law abiding citizen has any reason to fear our brave officers who protect us from the ravages of drug abuse and criminal activity. Even if a person happens to be falsely accused the courts will see that justice prevails.

I really can't believe that with a handle like bong man you are really a god fearing law abiding citizen, but I really don't know. What is very clear is that you are naive as hell. How often have you heard of the police preventing crimes from occurring? John

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