Special Report
Marijuana Protests in State College Pa.

The following is a story about a man and a message, there is a cast of hundreds, some are beginning journeys, some are ending journeys, myself I find it to be a chapter in a larger book known as my life

1/15/98 On the other side of the mountain, Julian Heicklen , a 65 year-old
retired chemistry professor at Pennsylvania State University, staged a one-man
"smoke-in" Thursday, right in front of the university gates.
The professor, reclining in a lounge chair and surrounded by
approximately 50 students and supporters, lit a joint for the first time in his life.
"I'm not doing this for the marijuana," he told the Centre Daily Times (PA),
"I'm doing this because we have a right to make free choices."

Heicklen, said that he was carrying $1,500 on him in case of arrest. Penn State Campus Police, who were present during the protest, declined to arrest him, however, claiming that they did not believe that the substance he was smoking was in fact marijuana. Heicklen promised to repeat the act each week until he is arrested and asks you to join him....

1/29/98 Heicklen repeated his act Penn State Campus Police confiscate his "joint", an act he calls a mugging... I personally attended the event. Signs with statements "like smoke pot go to jail but don't inhale and you can be president", were handed out to the crowd. Alan Gordon was there
and appeared to have a lot to do with the activities at hand.
2/3/98 Police announce that tests show that the "joint" was just sage... smelled like
marijuana to me when it was burning...

2/5/98 Once again a huge group of people gathered to see Julian Heicklen smoke a doobie outside of PSU. The crowd of about 150 was very enthusiastic and cheered the Pot Professor on. He gave a short speech and and lit up. Once again Alan Gordon was seen actively participating in the event and was verbally noticeable.
Next week Heicklen vows to move the show across the street which is in a different police district with real cops..

2/12/98 Heicklen keeps his promise today and moved his protest off campus and into college township. A crowd of more than two hundred cheered as professor smoked for the fourth week, the Professor lit up what appeared to be a "blunt". Heicklen said "He did not feel any of the so called effects of smoking marijuana and that after these protests he would in fact never smoke marijuana again. Police intervention was basically limited to telling the crowd to keep a clear path on the sidewalk.
Several purported Marijuana cigarettes were passed among the crowd. Officers confiscated several half burnt cigarettes for testing, and noted the names of those seen with them. Copies of M.A.M.P. and other informational documents were circulating among the crowd. The surprise twist of the week was Alan Gordon's announcement that he has started a "medical marijuana club" and intended to operate in State College Pa. at this and at future events. He handed out price lists with descriptions of this weeks picks in pot and applications stating "medical needs". He further stated that he was ready willing and able to do business now right at the corner with anyone willing to sign the medical needs form, with medical condition noted. He offered discounts to certain groups including single mothers, veterans, welfare recipients and police officers...
The really curious thing about Alan's involvement with this "one man smokeout" is that it would seem to appear that perhaps Gordon is running this show... He has been passing out literature, talks to Heicklen often, is always very near as soon as the professor appears. But he is being blacklisted by the mainstream media. In every newspaper report, he is ignored, every television report he is just off camera. The press has not mentioned his name once since these smoke-outs began. Which means that someone has told them not to mention Alan Gordon. The questions are, who has that kind of power? and what is their purpose? Something is going to happen here soon. We will keep you posted.

Darkside responses...

2/13/98 State College Police announce that the confiscations were real marijuana and five would be charged...

2/19/98 The press was in full attendance as about 200 or so gathered as Heicklen and Gordon made their appearances as usual. They confirmed that some people had been cited. Heicklen read from a prepared speech and passed out copies among the crowd. He said, he had not received but was expecting a citation. They did announce that a 18 year old High School student was cited for marijuana and suspended from school for being at the protest during school hours... This weeks surprise was no smoking of the herb... Julian said the point had been made and that "we" would continue to meet here each week until the current cases made their way through court. He also said they didn't want to disrupt traffic and business and that for the time being the protest would remain on campus. But if he felt the need they would cross the street again to be arrested... Alan as usual interjected his opinions several times. Playing straight man Heicklen when asked if he minded said "I don't think I could stop you could I Alan? Gordon asked the professor what he thought of his open air Medical Marijuana sales at these protests. Heicklen said he didn't approve but had no power to stop him from practicing his rights...