From: J.P.

As for investing Socialist Security funds in the stock market, the simple answer is that there are
NO FUNDS TO INVEST, therefore it won't happen. What are they going to do, buy stocks
with t-bills? While I'm not sure what you have against investing in stocks, which to me is the
basis of capitalism and a free society, I would agree that distorting that marketplace with
politically driven investing is dangerous. But remember that most of the stock market is already
by large funds such as, oh, the California Public Employees Retirement System (CALPERS), etc.
But the idea of the government manipulating the price of stocks through ideological investing
would scare me if the government actually had any money to invest. The obvious answer is that
you get to keep your own money and invest it if you are willing to absolve the government of
responsibility for your retirement, which is what the whole thing is about.
As to campaign spending, the amount of money spent on campaigns for all offices combined
for each election cycle is about $10/voter. Hardly the gobs of money we would be led to believe.
By the way, drug companies, the big 3 auto makers, and the big 7 oil companies combined
shelled out $8 million, while trial lawyers gave $80 million. Who runs America? Greedy
corporate swine or those Nader-like, class-action-friend-of-the-people,
I-just-want-to-see-people-get-what-they-deserve attorneys? I'll take my chances with the Hank
Reardons of the world any day. Unfortunately, most of them seem more like Orren Boyle. The
problem will not go away as long as elected officials violate the Constitution by giving away
money that they have no right to give. There should be no limits on the advocacy of a candidate,
but there should be full disclosure. Campaign spending limits are an unconstitutional restriction
of free speech. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem if the Supreme Court would declare 80%
of government spending unconstitutional.

Later, J.P.

From: JohnG101

Thank you very much for looking at my page with a critical eye... I was beginning to wonder
if there really is intelligent life in cyberspace... I didn't realize that I had any credibility to begin

As to the content Questions..
I believe the acquitted story came from the New York Times dated 1/17 inside the A section a
small article. It was over simplified because I didn't have it handy when I was typing and because
I mistakenly thought I was close to using up my allotted space on my server (turns out I only
used 10% of my space allowance) The story was of a woman who was sentenced on all counts
even though she was only convicted of one. It was a drug dealing case where most of the
evidence was disqualified for procedural errors and such. She appealed and was not successful. I
hope I can find times archives so I can rewrite that section...
On social security they want to invest 40 -50 percent of the incoming funds, instead of purchasing T- bills.
..As to campaign spending there is a rant not yet published, main point is to eliminate corporate donations as corporations are not citizens and should not entitled to participate in the election process.. John Galt jr ..

Sorry to sound critical, If you want real crap, go to the chat rooms and
watch idiocy from both wings. Hey, I'll hold your coats while you fight about whose version of
big government is worse. Maybe you'll send each other to jail, like we aren't already the most
incarcerated population in the world.

You should know better than to trust the New York Slime. Liberals bitch about the influence
of Rupert Murdoch, whom I understand is quite free market, yet don't worry about the New
York Slime, Washington Lost, Boston Glob, and LA Slimes being controlled by 3 families;
between them they own a bunch of TV and radio stations, also. The news is really "a family
affair". So much for a free and inquiring press.
But look at the sentences handed down in the Waco debacle. Even though they were acquitted
of most charges, the judge/government gave them the maximum sentences on the few upon
which they were found guilty or plea bargained. Indicted on 50 charges, found guilty of 1,
sentenced to 50 years. Not much of a bargain.

re: "On social security they want to invest 40 -50 percent of the incoming funds, instead of
purchasing T- bills"
Then who will buy their T-bills? They have no intention of buying stocks, except to distort the
marketplace and control companies. Can you imagine, "We're going to sell all of the shares that
we own in your company unless you agree to...."?

re: "...As to campaign spending there is a rant not yet published, main point is to eliminate
corporate donations as corps are not citizens and not entitled to participate in the election
I have a medical practice and get to pay property taxes on my home AND my office building.
If my business is not a citizen, why does it have to pay taxes? It will never send children to
school, never need health care, etc. The only "right" is has is the right to pay taxes. I think that
is therefore has the "right" to lobby and try to keep itself free. There have been suggestions that
anyone who is a recipient of government money should not vote.

re: "So far you have been the only person to pick up on the references to Atlas Shrugged, but I
guess the book is a bit dated..."
Probably for the average age of the online folks, but you could mention it and hope... I have
always found it interesting that I was required to read The Communist Manifesto in college
history, but not The Wealth of Nations. I would recommend The Road to Serfdom and
Economics in One Lesson. David Boaz and Charles Murray both have new books out explaining
libertarian-ism; I hear both are quite good, I just got Boaz's in the mail yesterday from the Cato

re: So now that you know I did it, all by myself is it such a bad page?
Certainly not. Outreach and education are always good. Different styles attract different
people, and you seem to be attracting attention. Lew Rockwell is one of the most committed
libertarians I have ever met, and he know the issues better than anyone, but he seems to think
there are only 5 good libertarians in the world and none of us are one of them. Steware Udall,
Sec. of the Interior under LBJ and lifelong Democratic apparatchik, once said that if Democrats
made a firing squad, they would form a circle. Lew should take note. That's mostly why they
kicked him out of the Libertarian Party inner circle, I am told.

re: "I haven't picked a running mate for 2000 yet, would you like consideration...
I here the pay is good..."
Sorry, only lawyers are allowed to run for office in this country of the people, by the people,
and for the people. They pay is actually not so hot, but the benefits are great. And you get to
meet a lot of famous people, pardon all your friends, go on great vacations, always get good
seats, and every now and then toast another country that pissed you off....

For liberty, J.P.

I wasn't complaining about the criticism,..But really ranting is what I am doing...
I'll fix the spelling but lay off the grammar, just consider it Galt-bonics..

Peace and Freedom
John Galt Jr.
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