I am from the Lehigh Valley and am interested in regional outlooks on marijuana and its culture. I have not heard about this event and would appreciate a return e-mail with an explanation of the festival. I would greatly appreciate any information you could supply

The basics for the smokeout are as follows... 100,000 plus people come into State College for the annual Art's festival. There is Music both free and paid events, arts, crafts, unicycles jugglers and the lot. Dr. Heicklen and I host "the smokeout" each of the four days from 12 noon until about 8pm. The demonstration consists of people holding Protest signs, a literature table, (we typically give out more literature here than any other event) and national and local activists giving non-stop speeches on the various threads of the hemp movement. Dr. Heicklen Smokes up for the crowd and invites others to do so as well (bring your own bud). The demonstration has gone from a weekly event (see State College Protests) to an annual event. The first year we were hassled, (see 30 hour smokeout) , now going into year 5 it seems like we are just another part of the festivities. In the past two years people have been asking why we don't appear on the festival maps or events.

Peace freedom and tolerance
John Galt jr.

Dacka writes: Do you happen to know where I can obtain a paper or digital copy of the actual tax stamp of "THE MARIJUANA TAX ACT OF 1937?"
I heard the stamps were made up and maybe some were issued. However, I've scoured the Internet, written governmental archives and others to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated and help further THE cause. Pete

I believe that in 1937 that a hemp tax stamp was issued and then the marijuana tax stamp was issued only in 1938. But they weren't "stamps" in the way we think like the tax stamps on cigarettes or postage stamp. they were more like a driver's license or social security card. Something you could carry around to prove you were allowed to have hemp or Marijuana. Peace John

John, I can't find recipes with marijuana at your site. Could you help me.

I guess it is buried pretty deep in the site, Marijuana recipes is a part of Darkside's use it or abuse page Direct link at Eating Marijuana Recipes

Sarah writes:
Someone told me that you can make hemp butter by boiling stems and butter in water, then refrigerating that mixture until the butter is solid and on the top. Then take the butter to make brownies. Would this work?

Sounds like a sound theory...

Peace Freedom Tolerance

Dakota writes: Any idea if you can freeze the brownies?

It is my understanding that brownies can be frozen and stored for perhaps years,
if you can resist eating them for that long :) Peace John


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