Dear Potheads:
You and your kind disgust me. It's people like you who make people like me ashamed to be American. God forbid one of you psychos ever gets into a political office in this or any country. We would be invaded by the Canadians for Christ's sake! Someone should start a movement against you!!! Before I go vomit, I just want to tell you that if you ever send another letter to, I will personally chop off your testicles (if you have any) and make you eat them. The person who receives that mail has a bright future and doesn't need crack heads like you screwing it up. A disgusted citizen

Listen up ,
My relationship with xxxx is none of your damn business, everyone on that mailing list requested to be on it... So to your violent anal retentive self I have this to say

1 The courts have held that e-mail holds the same protection as regular mail by reading someone else's mail you have committed a felony.

2. A threat of physical violence like chopping off testicles has been found to be terroristic threats another felony

3 I do not use or condone the use of crack or any other hard drugs, including Viagra, Propecia, Ritalin, tamoxifin , Demoral or Alcohol and I am proud to serve a 4000 year tradition of using natural herbs for my well being. Some day when the violent anal retentives like yourself have all been charged with felonies and locked away us potheads will be able to declare peace on earth.

4 potheads in charge? What about JFK, WJ Clinton, G Washington, Thomas Jefferson and a dozens of other free thinkers and leaders....
We stand for Peace and Freedom
What's your goal?
Web Station # 19

Dear Station,
I would first like to say that I read that person's mail because it is on another one of my accounts. The person who requested to be on your list did it on my account, and I have settled things with them. As proof of this, you should be receiving an email from saying that they do in fact wish to be removed from your list. The person who you have a relationship with who was receiving this mail is very close to me, and I sent that message for her own good. I do, however, understand that you mean well...but having smoking pot legalized? I don't think so. Oh, by the way, I know that the people you listed are potheads, and am not proud of them either (especially Bill Clinton). I too stand for peace and freedom. But your goal makes me wonder - how will having the people be able to get high even more than they already are spread a message of peace and freedom? Tell me Station, which one of us is effecting the nation more
positively? Think about it for a second. Then get back to me. Nazi Nuker

Nazi Nuker?,
Thanks for re-approaching this issue as a concerned person rather than a raving lunatic.
I would like to open your eyes a bit to the realities of what is going on here in our country and our own home towns on a regular basis.
But first, In the matter of running Web Station # 19 and the related activities, I receive some 50 e-mails a day. 3 or 4 times a year a receive a letter like yours... The bulk of the people I have encountered support me and my efforts.
As far as reading and or censoring another persons mail and correcting their actions... You didn't mention if this person is a minor, I assume you would have if this was the case... If that is the case please know that my site(s) are posted as 18 and over... The lower courts have allowed the searching of minors personal property and correspondence as an exception to the rules based on the flawed war on drugs thinking. I doubt the Supreme Court would feel the same. You say she is a good person with a bright future, so why don't you trust her then?
Onward Do you really think you are protecting her by stopping her from attending a concert? (bottom line that is what the e-mails sent were about) I think you are betraying her privacy and her trust, the same way the government is betraying the trust of the American public. I would suggest that whether she indicates it or not, that she feels that way. (I would) In my experience intervention of this sort only serves to push people away... Yes I am guilty as well, But I would like to think that I learned something from those ill conceived deeds. On that note I would like to suggest that you read the article posted at youth.htm and think about it, before you completely wreck the relationship that you have with this person.

I think like so many of the uninformed, you seem greatly confused about what the Marijuana and hemp issues are really about. Out reach is what this program is all about, the truth I am sure is that you need to be reading this information more than your daughter (?) I hope you will take the time to hear me out...

There are Five movements in this country concerning hemp and Marijuana.

Medicalization. People who believe that very sick people who are dying and suffering, when the use of marijuana can help them. For more Please see medlink.htm

Industrialization movement People who believe that hemp can and should be used to make particle board, paper, clothing, fuel and food.
See farmers

Decriminalization movement People who believe That people should not be locked up for victim-less crimes like smoking marijuana or growing herbs. Norml and the ACLU, come to mind...

Legalization All uses including recreational uses. This country was founded on the foundation of Freewill and Freedom. A person has a fundamental right to decide for themselves what they choose to eat, wear, and drink as well as to get pierced, tattooed, or wear a beard, all these activities have been threatened by the so called war on drugs. Last year 700,000 people were arrested in the United States on non violent Marijuana charges. Most of those people are or will be doing time in prison because of Mandatory Sentencing laws. This year due to increased enforcement that number is expected to top the one million mark, still less than 1/2 percent of the population, but in a single year!!! Added to the other mandatory 5-7 yrs.. Prison population is out of control and people like "her" are the ones being locked up, more and more often on first offenses. We will have the highest percentage of population in jail in the entire world... The hidden statistic lies in the fact that hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions of people get away with smoking pot everyday. Can you even begin to image the enforcement mechanism it would take to stop it?

The fifth movement is called incarceration, while over 90% of the citizen support one or more of the above The Federal Government has declared that they don't care what the voters want they will continue to harass and imprison it's own citizens for using a naturally growing plant. Seven States now have passed compassionate use programs by the will of the people.
They say its all for public safety but is is there any truth to that statement? People are killed every year in auto accidents, plane crashes, and at the wrong end of a gun. Are Cars Planes and Guns illegal? Why not?

People are killed on carnival rides, in sporting events, riding motorcycles, and while sky diving, or swimming. Are any of these activities outlawed?
Each year more people Die from cigarette related sickness than all illegal drugs combined.
Each year more people die from Alcohol poisoning and related diseases than all illegal drugs combined.
Each year more people die from overdoses, side effects and conditions caused directly by the Prescription drugs given to them by their own doctors, than all illegal drugs combined..
There is not a single recorded case in all of history of anyone dying from the use of Marijuana

If you doubt that the war the government is hurting many many people please read about the people who have had their liveds ruined for no good reasons. please see Grandma's Story and the other stories linked off that page.

Now on top of all this the government approves drugs like propecia (a baldness drug) that is so dangerous that women can not even handle it, because serious genetic damages will occur to her eggs. The newest "approved drug" Tamoxifen is touted as a breast cancer prevention drug, but it increases uterine cancer by 350% and has other nasty side effects as well. Yet the government has approved them as safe...
A large percentage of our population is currently taking various "I don't care pills"
an array of anti-depressants all highly addictive, all very costly, all with a wide range of side effects. Now a large cultural portion of our population is considered criminals because they want to smoke some pot to relax after a stressful day...

An alarming number of children (more than 60%) that have health care benefits are taking ritalin, they call it attention deficit disorder, they say the ritalin helps them focus, what it does is stifle creativity and create a mental situation, which could be interpreted as very conducive to brainwashing.
The Government highly supports this acknowledging that the percentage is too high, but says it won't hurt those who don't need it. After all the real goal is control...

As far as my personal positions on all these issues please see my public speeches

On Bill Clinton well I have to agree with you...
But Everyone from Geo Washington and Thomas Jefferson to JFK do deserve some respect.

You ask how will having the people be able to get high even more...
Do you really think more people would do it if it were legal? I doubt it.
Studies have consistently shown that legalization causes a short term increase followed by a serious decrease, because smoking pot is more about rebellion for most people (the forbidden fruit theory)
Consider this ; When Hemp was outlawed in 1937 it was used in 37 different medical compounds, clothing made from hemp, Hemp oil powered tractors and some people smoked it. The government prodded by big business interests decided to outlaw it with out consulting the people at all.... It's is now sixty some years later Hemp is no longer used for food, fuel , clothing or medicine yet more people than ever before are smoking it... Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water? They threw out the baby and kept the dirty water...

On nazis one of my favorite subjects, perhaps the saving grace of this correspondence see nazism.htm and think about what it says.

My personal suggestion for you is to read up on the subject matters at hand so you will have facts not rhetoric and hate to dispense. Personally I think that if you really love this person you will Take them to the Summer Solstice Hemp Happening Concert (the original topic of this correspondence).
See what the movements are about. See that potheads and activists are peaceful people. Then go to a heavy metal concert and stand near a mosh pit and watch the idiots smash each others heads in for the fun of it... Go home and watch 30 episodes of cops and watch them bash and beat (mostly black folks) people who have done little or nothing to harm anyone.

The answer to the question is likely I am doing more than you are, but I can't say with certainty because I don't know what you are doing other than sending out angry violent letters...

Obviously I could go on for days, but that is why I created My web sites. I invite you to open your mind to the possibility that the government has lost sight of the people in order to support corporate interests and is willing to lie to the American public to serve those same interests. That's my take on it... Peace and Freedom
John Galt jr.

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