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Welcome Friends,
It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since the first SShh Festival,
So when is the next SShh Festival?
I think we can safely say the SShh Fests are officially dead, snuffed out by harassment from the Pennsylvania State Police.
However since I have moved back to New York, parties are not out of the question.
I have acquired a small farm in Western NY where We have had several small parties.

First and foremost this is a dog friendly place, that is if your dog is friendly to people and other dogs...

Now some people are wondering why I would want to spend my weekends with strangers?
I have always said that strangers are just friends you haven't met.
In the past 35 years I have attended hundreds of festivals and concerts. The thing I always enjoyed the most was campfire hopping,
that is going from campsite to campsite and seeing how many people I could meet on a given weekend. I have spent the last two years looking for the friends I left behind when I left New York.
some have died. Many are afraid to go out and party anymore due to police oppression.
Some of the ones I have found, are treated me like a criminal. My best guess is they are embarrassed by who they used to be. I thought friendship like love was forever and unconditional,
I guess I was wrong. This means what friends I do have are those from the SShh Festivals, Aol, Sodahead and facebook.
That would be you, even if we never actually met.

What's going on?
Music will be a certainty. Live bands? at least a couple,

To make things clearer this is not a protest, or festival.
What I am picturing is a good old fashioned 70's style party, a hundred people or so, a couple bands, a bon-fire and camping out in a pleasant environment. Just humans gathered to talk about life and glory days when Americans still had a speck of freedom, while listening to some good music. Perhaps we will listen to some recordings of past Sshh Fests
I am inviting all of the old bands, that still exist and will have some open mike sessions.

The stage is built, and some have already sent their RSVP's

So if you have a band or a group of people, that want to come RSVP me jazzberryfarm@aol.com

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