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Types of Governments

Democracy also called Mobocracy or Ochlocracy. The word "democracy" means "rule by the people." In a democracy, the people govern. There are no democracies on planet earth. The downfall being 51% ruling 49%.
Democratic Republic is what we actually have in the United States.
In a republic, the people elect representatives to make and enforce laws.

Most Americans believe we live in a Democracy, but in truth by design our system is supposed to be a Republic, over the years the republic has been lost to become a blend of Corporatocracy, Theocracy, Aristocracy and Plutocracy, with a touch of socialism, and one could argue Fascism, if you consider the Republicans and Democrats as two sides of the same coin.

Most people claim that we have the best system, and that it can't be improved upon. At this point in time I would have to agree to some extent, our system may be the best, but still it is broken beyond repair and needs to be scraped. If we are to have a country in which people truly rule and remain free and have religious freedom as well as the right to believe things like science, as well as astrology, and medicine, things need to be changed. The question being how to make the change and into what to change. I have proposed since I began to run for President, a direct democracy, that is people actually voting on what is legal and illegal. How could we foster such a change? Can we write a new constitution that gives us the power to vote for policies the people want instead of voting for Politicians or their Party? The answer is both simple and impossible. Constitutional Convention, We have had two or three so far in our history. The problem is to get the current officials to agree for it to happen and accept the results. We are told and sold that we have a representative democracy, that we vote for people, who will vote for our wants and wishes. This is complete unadulterated bullshit. The candidates in this country first represent themselves, then their party, what the people want is only considered in bullshit polls, that turn into policy, if it doesn’t hurt the candidate or the party. We are also told that we are free or have freedoms. We sort of do, unless 51% of the governing bodies or a single politician dis-allow us by making what we are doing a crime, because it offends someone who has a different moral character than we do.

The biggest problem running a country of 300 million plus citizens is that we can't agree on anything. By scraping the Federal government's power and returning it to the individual states, counties and even townships. In order to provide the freedoms promised by the constitution and Bill of rights, self determination is the way to freedom and way to get there is the 95% rule. Which simply stated would be that 95% of the population, would have to agree on any laws for them to remain on the books. This would provide the answer to the 51% ruling 49% downfall of Democracy. This way a state could over-rule federal laws and towns could over-rule state laws and in the end Freedom would truly reign. The only we we can have relative freedom and democracy at the same time is to have a super democracy, where nothing can be made illegal unless their is a say 90 or 95% agreement of the representative body, followed by a 95% confirmation by the people at the polls. This way the people would control government instead of visa-versa.

Ronald E. Gascon

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