Cannabis Festiva September 26th 1998
PSU Campus State College Pa.

and his Reflections of a life time

Stephen Gaskin Legendary Author, founder of the worlds largest commune, world's oldest hippie and one of two Candidates for President was certainly the center of attention at this years event. When he spoke at 1:30pm and at 7:30pm there was no doubt he had the attention of most of the attendees. To those of you that haven't met Stephen in the past or don't know who he is, you who missed this once in a lifetime chance to meet this man up close and personal, all I can say is you blew it!!! Many people, including myself have said that just meeting the man fundamentally changed the way they thought and lived.

Saint Stephen chats with the representative from the local commune

Other Speakers included
Julian Heicklen (AKA the pot smoking professor)
Samar LoveJoy (AKA Mari-jane) Who really got the crowd to listen
Diane Fornbacher AKA Honeybud Weedwhacker
and of course myself, John Galt jr, gave this speech

The well rounded mix of bands included Grinch, Pied Piper, and Afri-Carib as well as Schmeeph who gave their world premier performance to the small but enthusiastic crowd assembled. George Wesley, finally got the crowd dancing as he finished the evening off with his broad interpretations of Reggae Music.

Future Events

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