Cultural Genocide in the USA?

Our government has killing and burning out it's citizens in an organized cultural Genocide disguised as a "War on Drugs", "War on Cults", "War on terror" backed by bad laws like the Patriot act and the Rave act (a war on selected gatherings). People who are peacefully assembling, to live or just to listen to music are targeted and destroyed by our government. Drugs are not being jailed, drugs are not being killed, Drugs are not being burned alive people are...

Some examples:
May 4, 1970 Kent State
June 22, 1984 The Community at Island Pond, Vermont
 Aug. 21, 1992 Ruby Ridge
april 19 1993, Waco
September 4 2001 Rainbow Farms
June 2003 SShh Festivals and Tune Town
Aug 3, 2009 Church of love and music, burnt to the ground
November 1, 2010 camp Zoe  
It's hard to say when it started but ethic cleansing culture genocide alive and well in the USA

Activists are dropping like flies coincidence?

Activists who Died fighting against the War on Drugs:
6/14/2000 Peter McWilliams died in jail
6/02/2001 Robert C. Randall Dies; Won Right to Medical Marijuana
9/4/2001 Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm, killed in the raid on Rainbow Farms by the FBI
2/17/2007 Ken Gorman grew and sold marijuana for medical murdered 
3/14/2010 Michael Shane Howard beaten to death, so police raided his grow house.
4/16/2010  Author and activist Jack Herer
4/12/2010 Irwin Ravin, Alaska marijuana rights activist, dies natural causes?
4/29/2011 Ben Masel, prominent marijuana activist and professional rabble rouser died from natural causes?
9/3/2011 Vermont marijuana legalization activist Sandy Ward, of South Burlington,  

also dead

Don Topping, Cheryl Miller,  Genie Brittingham Erstad, Joe Hart, Ian Hunter,
Robert Randall, Gil Puder, Jim Rosenfield, Roland Heyne Jr., Christie Bohling, Tom Forcade,

Laura Carden, Robert Lunday, Norm Major, Ralph Seeley, Ken and Barbara Jenks, Kirk Hampton, Keith David Whitaker, 

Eddie Smith, Brownie Mary Rathbun, Tom Flowers, Buddy the MIA POW, Steven Smith, Steve Michael, Alan Martinez

Ron Crickenberger, Judith Cushner, Mary Gennoy, Cecilia Franceschini, Pope Micky, Kioshi Kurimaya 

See Equal Rights Memorial

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