I often question scientific findings, however it's hard to not make certain connections, things that did exist don't anymore, and other things that didn't now do. How and Why?

Many people come up with Evolution as the answer. I think the problem is understanding what Evolution is...

There was a post on sodahead, that said that non-belief in evolution was a base line of Conservatism. I Think that Conservatives are people who just don't like or accept change. Which means Conservatism itself changes as the world around us changes, but I digress

Evolution in it's simplest terms is change and therefore is very easy to prove. I did an experiment last year involving dogs. Dachshunds to be more specific. The modern Dachshund has legs much shorter, than the breed did 50 years ago. The answer man made evolution. When developing the breed, the only objective was to breed short legged dogs together. When you compare a dachshund to other small dogs you will see in fact that just the front legs are shorter and they stand differently because of it. On any other breed it would be considered a genetic defect. So I bred my miniature Dachshund with a Choodle (chihuahua and poodle mix). What came about was mostly long legged doxies and one that looks like a long legged chiweenie.

None of the pups look like the father or mother, my personal breed has changed, if this had occurred in Nature wouldn't that be what we call evolution or perhaps de-evolution.

Now people have been getting taller for the past couple hundred years, and now it seems fatter as well are we evolving or just changing.

The down fall of the evolutionists and non-evolutionists is in the thinking that there is a directed path, that something like monkeys are becoming human. Some monkey like creatures may well have become human, it doesn't follow that they all will.

And then there are DNA things, strings and strings of information on how to be alive. Man has identified many of these, yet they say that all plants and animals have junk DNA included. Who is to say that those are not alternate instructions on how to grow under different conditions. Is it too far out to think we might have a gene for gills if the world floods out for a few hundred years, or to grow feathers or fur if the climate gets too cold to survive?
I don't know if Evolution can be proved. But it is very obvious that the planet and our species is changing or evolving. The question being what are we becoming?

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