Banned for Life

When you go to Hubpages the first thing you read is "HubPages allows you to publish Web articles on anything you like."
I have been a writer, commentator of global and national politics for some twenty years.
I went to hub pages to expand by readership and perhaps make some money.
Now after carefully reading the rules, I realize this is pointless.
If I can't sign my work, can't reprint any old stuff, can't link to my pages, what is the point? They say they want to keep it fresh, Web Station #19 site still gets around a 1000 hits a month, because even though most of it was written over ten years ago, but everything is still topical. Because in world and national politics nothing has been fixed in 40 years. Seeing that hub pages has over a hundred recipes for chocolate chip cookie, 39 notated as "Neiman Marcus secret recipe". They couldn't be that serious about duplications? Well after posting only four articles I have been banned from Hubpages? Why I asked, they say because my work is substantially similar to previous published works by me. Which is to say I have been banned because I am homeless and without a computer.
I discovered many years ago that I could travel the country and access the internet from Libraries and other peoples homes. I just had to maintain an Aol account, then later a 50megs account. Being as I had no personal storage, I posted all my thoughts, in online website accounts.
Hubpages says Since google can find it, it's already published and not eligible for publishing on their server. In theory, it comes down to because my diary is online, every thought I have ever had is banned from hubpages. I believe that I am banned for content. The following is what I posted at hubpages you judge...
Occupy Ginrich
Justice and a tale of two men
FIRST THEY CAME FOR... a parody of the famous quote by Martin Niemoller which only appears only 50 times on hubpages
Dangers of Marijuana
There is nothing similar posted at Hubpages, three of them were written recently although based on notes from ten years ago... The point is that they can censor anything they want, because something similar has been written or posted since the end of time. There is no free speech at Hub Pages!!!!
What hubpages does have is over 100 Chocolate chip Cookie Recipes. And no two are the same? right...

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