Are you job hunting?

After some 30 years mostly continuous employment, I recently, joined the ranks of the unemployed In doing so, I have discovered another major problem with our new economy. Computer applications for jobs are all the rage, you can no longer, fill out paper applications.

So what do I find as major problems in this system?
1. Sites that will not let you upload a resume or will let you and still make you type in every single bit of information that appears on your resume.

2. After wasting an hour filling out forms online, the computer program comes back and tells you that you are unqualified, and no person shall ever see the application that you spent an hour filling out. I was told by a computer program that I don't have the basic qualifications to fill a clerks job, even though I have ten years experience supervising clerks...

3. Tests and surveys full of loaded questions. They start out telling you that you must be completely honest in your answers.
For instance one test I took asked the question if you worked 12 hours each two days in a row how would you feel when you got up the the next day.

Ready for a new exciting day or Tired and grumpy

Now you know if you answer truthfully then your application gets trashed by a computer.

Or this statement small amounts of shortages can be written off by the company. True or False

Having taken years of accounting, and working in management, I know this to be true. However a true response will get you labeled as a thief.

Now the real problem with these computer applications is a new and very extreme form of Discrimination. This discrimination starts most obviously against people who are computer illiterate, people who don't own a computer, and people who don't have internet access it continues with those over 50 years of age, poor people, uneducated people and people who are unable to type. All of which already have a hard enough time finding work. so they can learn, and they can use computers at the public library right? Most public access computers limit you to an hour at most each day and most applications take an hour to fill out, if you can read quickly enough and type well enough.

I filled out an application recently where the instructions said; if you took longer than five minutes on any page, you would be booted from the system and your application canceled...

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