The days and nights of Marci in Cyberland

  It was a quiet winter evening, Christmas was in the air. Marci wasn't in her usually holiday
 depression, Hope had come back into her life, as a Texas Millionaire. She still couldn't
 believe it was possible, after all these months he was coming to see her to visit her. 
 Her mind was running wild, I could do a commercial for my online service she thought,
 spokesperson for romance in cyberspace. She chuckled at her self, knowing that she would most 
 likely be disappointed again, but she needed this precious moment of hope. 

    She watched the clock, time seemed to have slowed to an incredibly slow pace, 
 she swore the second hand had stopped, oh there is no second hand, 
 it's digital 7:58, he was to arrive at 8:00. Oh no she ran to the mirror and looked at her 
 weathered face and graying hair, "I should have put on makeup she thought out loud".
 She brushed her hair for the fourth time in an hour as she watched the clock advance, 
 8:02, 8:03, 8:04... 

    "Shit I knew he wasn't coming she cried out loud", startling her cats who scampered away.
 Tears began to well up in her eyes, and then the doorbell rang. She wiped the tears away and
 looked at herself in the mirror again I am acting like a schoolgirl she thought. The doorbell
 again, she brushed the cat fur from her skirt and put on her best smile. She opened 
 the door. "Marci I presume,"
 "Were you expecting someone else", she giggled and blushed, as she gave the handsome young man 
 a once over.

  He handed her some papers, I am special agent Donovan with the FBI special cybernet force and
 this is a warrant to search you house for drugs, pornographic materials and pirated computer 

 She burst into tears.

   "Do you understand this action?" he asked as several other men entered and began opening 
 drawers and cupboards. One of the men turned to him and said," I got some hot stuff here", 
 as he looked thru folders of her correspondences. 

 "Sounds like this guy John Dick wants to kinky things with her and some animals".
 She starred in the eyes of Donovan and said "You son of a bitch you're John Dick aren't you"! 
 This warrant also allows us to remove any or all records as they may relate to the trafficking
 of drugs, pornography or copyrighted materials"
 "please face the wall legs spread arms apart", he leaned in close and whispered if you can do
 half of what you claim in your letters I take it real easy on you", while coping a frontal feel.
 He then took a night stick and ran it up the inside of each leg making sure to make full contact
 at the apex each time.
 "Hey I got a bag of pot here" one of the other men shouted out.

 "Hands behind your back Marci you're under arrest." He cuffed her and lead her out the door,
 when they arrived at an unmarked car he said "I'll put the cuffs in front in you demonstrate
 that magic tongue for me". 
 She spit in his face and he shoved her into the car.
 "Another god damned twit" he shut the door and went back into the house. She sat in the back
 seat for over an hour as she watched the men carryout boxes of papers, computer disks, 
 personal property. She flipped out as see watched a tow truck remove her car, all the time the 
 neighbors watching and chatting among themselves.

 "How did this happen, why me? she buried her face into the plastic seat and cried herself
 to sleep. She awoke as the car pulled into a parking lot along side of a small office building
 at the edge of town.

 "what are we doing here," she asked suspiciously?
 "This is where my office is ", he replied.

 She was lead inside to a small office where she was introduced to special agent Markles. 
 he explained that the cybernet task force was a joint effort between the FBI, ATF, FCC, DEA
 and IRS.
 "IRS", she asked?

 "Yes," Markles continued the contraband we are looking for often involve exchanges of cash and 
 other valuables and the IRS likes to make sure it gets it's fair share too. You will find that 
 all your valuable personal property has been confiscated until you can prove legal ownership,
 also your banking accounts will be frozen by morning. 

   Agent Donovan entered the room "Marci you are in big trouble, we got you on possession of drug 
 charges, possession of pornographic materials as defined by sec 234.22 sections a, d, and k. 
 Possession, and distribution of  of unregistered copyrighted computer software 
 section 556.2 a, b, and c. In addition we found a nice little single shot 22 hidden in your 
 nightstand, ladies special but it couldn't save you from a dog much less someone out to hurt you.
 But together with the drugs charges another felony  And since you have possession of all these 
 little programs, which do have value, if you had paid for them.

    The IRS is interested in collecting its share of the value and will be conducting its own 
 investigation. I would say all together were looking at 20 or so years in a women's prison
 facility, unless of course you would be willing to co-operate with us in some on going

  The color was completely drained from her face, as she looked at the two men opposite the desk.
 "What do you want me to do?, she asked as the tears began to roll down her cheeks. 
 Agent Donovan responded "We would like you to set up some buys for us."

  "What do you want to buy?" she asked as she wiped the tears from her face.
 Anything weapons, drugs, computer programs, pornographic video tapes etc... If its contraband 
 we're interested", Markles finished for Donovan. Donovan jumped back in I have hear a list of 
 people who you already corresponded with and what we want you to purchase from each individual.
 Marci looked over the list. She mumbled out loud "pictures of naked little boys or girls,
 cocaine, crack, plastic explosives?" 

 "Who in the hell do you think I'm involved with?" she queried 
 "Like Adolf23, I don't think he has ever mentioned anything about drugs of any sort."
 Donovan smiled "To quote from your personal correspondence files,
 I would love to soar like an eagle high over the rocky mountains", an obvious reference to drugs." 

 "You guys are the ones who are fucking high" she responded.

 "What do I get in return," she calmly asked, trying to cover for her outburst.
 "That's simple," Markles responded," You get you freedom, and we can probably see clear to let
 you have your car back after you pay impound fees. I doubt a judge would allow us to keep it
 with such a large lean on it. You can have you computer back after we delete any unauthorized 
 programming, and all your personal files after we have made copies. We keep your drugs, 
 paraphernalia, unauthorized programs, your pistol and all cash confiscated as well as any 
 correspondence that can be used as evidence against you or any other parties.

 "How am I supposed to pay for anything, if you're keeping my cash and freezing all my accounts?"

  "Well we didn't freeze your bank accounts and credit cards the IRS did, as for the other problems,
  they are yours. You should have thought about it for you surrounded yourself with radicals and
  perverts." replied Donovan.

 "And what if I don't cooperate?" asked Marci.
 "Then we will be taking a ride upstate to the federal women's correctional facility where you 
 will stay until someone raises bail for you", explained Donovan.
 "Are you willing to cooperate? asked Markles.
 Marci was becoming more and more angry, as she thought to herself "I didn't do a Damn thing". 
 "How much will bail be", she asked?
  Donovan answered, "The Judge has been real cooperative been running arrests $100,000 for most 
 but we got lots of charges on you.

 "Alright I'll do whatever you say", Marci burst into tears again.
 "Come on I'll take you home", Donovan took her by the arm and lead her out of the room,
 "But first we got some e-mail to send I got your system all set up in the other room."
 "If you got my system, my mailing lists, your pre-written letters, what do you need me for?
 do it yourself!" 

 "That could be misconstrued as entrapment, we wouldn't want that now, would we?" Afterwards 
 I'll take you home and you can show me your tongue. They sent out some e-mail and got an 
 immediate response from Dogtags, It said "What are you fucking nuts?" 
 Marci began to cry again...

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