Subs R us

by John Galt jr.

I recently needed work badly enough that I turned to that national sub chain store for employment.
I shaved my beard and cut off my ponytail before the interview, so as not to be discriminated against.
Apparently that wasn't enough, I got the job, but on my forth day there, I was told there had been a complaint,
lodged against me. It seems I offended someone, it's not the first time but it kinda got my goat.
The official handbook said that mustaches and beards were allowed if they were neatly trimmed. So for the first four days I allowed my goatee to return. The manager told me that the complaint was as follows A regular customer, came in and was offended by the hairy creature that made her sandwich.
She stated that chest hair was visible, from the collar area, and his arms were covered in hair, his face looked dirty from some sort of stubble. The District manager told me that I needed to shave off all my facial hair and trim my chest hair or wear my collar buttoned to the top, and told me I was lucky that they don't make me shave or cover my arm hair, because that is how they handle visible tattoos. Also I was to wear my hair in such a matter that it would all fit in my hat. I decided that shaving my beard was all that they will get, I did trim my neckline.

My guess was that soon I will be terminated for being a hairy creature, But that is fine for me as minimum wage for slave labor never has been my calling. A short ten days later premonition came true, another customer complaint, they said they had to give her a new sub and since it cost the company money, I needed to be fired.
However, I still am curious about several things; The girl who wrecked an entire batch of sub rolls by not following the instructions, even though she has been there for years, was not fired? The girl who comes in wearing half a cat on her clothes daily is also still there; the special gloves they ordered for me the first week to accommodate my huge hairy hands, were never reordered. My replacement was hired four days before the alleged incident. They said that the incident happened on a Friday, when I was not working, after I pointed it out they said that it doesn't matter what day it happened, they know it was me because the complaint said a man made the sub.

So anyway if you are a customer at that sub shop in Frostproof Florida and you worry about the quality of your food pay attention to the amount of fur hanging on your sandwich maker, look at the knife that cuts your sub and gets, washed once a day. Pay special attention to that dry crust on top of the tuna fish and the meatballs that have been on the steam table for two days. Let them know it's your health they play with when they toss the covers aside because they are too busy too keep food covered.
On the other side, if you remember that nice man who made subs so quickly even though he was set up to fail on a daily basis, tell them you don't patronize companies that discriminate based on sex, age race or creed, because bottom line is that is what they are doing...

It also reminds me of a another time, long ago when I had my own pizzeria. Some Customers came in and ordered a pizza, we had no dress code and the pizza maker was wearing an AC/DC T-shirt with a pentagram on the back. When the customers saw his shirt they started yelling about the devil making their pizza and left without the pizza or paying for it. They returned a short time later with religious pamphlets in an attempt to save the poor soul afflicted by the devil. I asked them to pay for the pizza they had ordered, they refused saying that they couldn't eat a pizza made by the devil. I threw them out...

Another story comes to mind, A number of years ago, I managed a small restaurant, a woman named Catherine came in every day for coffee and conversation. She was quite insightful and our conversations usually proved to be interesting. She did have a habit of turning the subject to religion and point out that her brother was a minister, quite often. One day she said something that I could not just let pass, and I replied "As an agnostic, I really can't accept that statement" She replied "Oh my God you're going to hell" and turned her chair back towards me. She never returned to the restaurant, which brings about the reason behind these three stories.
If you are so bigoted, narrow-minded and intolerant of geometric shapes, body hair or peoples of different faiths, or tattoos, that you can't even eat food made by them, STAY at Home and make your own Fucking food, we need our jobs.
Also if my hairy body offends you, it's probably because you are too intolerant to accept that god made made all the creatures on the earth.

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