Sex or Rape?

With all the moral right's furor over transsexuals, promiscuity, nudity, AIDS, prostitution, and teenage sex, I just can't see why they haven't come down on all those sick rapists yet.
What you ask?

The end action of sex and Rape appear to be very similar, insertion of a penis...
Yet there is a difference. There was a time when Rape was universally accepted by both Religion and laws as being forced sexual acts. Forced meaning non-consensual.

Then the concept of statutory rape, that of having consensual sex with someone under age, was added to law, which varies depending on State or country as 14, 16 or 18 years of age. The theory being that minors lack the wisdom to make such a choice was lacking.

Then they decided that certain people of physical age, but lacking in the mental range were also lacking in the ability so they also could not consent. Now we can't have sex with anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Nor can we co-hearse sex or sexual favors, that is to say tricking someone into sex is also considered Rape. So now lying about ones finances or job description is a form of Rape. Anyone who would do any of the above described sexual acts are just perverts who need to be put on a public list, for all to see, banned from being near schools, denied housing and certainly not employable, So who cares?

This letter has found it's way to me;

"I like sex, really like sex, insomuch as being labeled a nympho or even sex addict. When I reached the age of consent the AIDS virus was all the rage, and so it became evident, that I needed a woman who shared in this lifestyle. Time passed and I found such a woman and married her, so I wouldn't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases.

Today I find myself to be celibate for some ten years. You see alcohol and drugs were an accepted as a part of foreplay, in the 70's. You went out on weekends got a buzz on and went to bed. I remember a comic who said that alcohol was the only reason ugly people reproduced. Well now have Viagra and one half of a couple no longer needs alcohol. So how does a confirmed Nymphomaniac end up being celibate?
First was a solemn vow to my partner and myself to never have sex with anyone other than my wife. then a little over a decade ago, I awoke one morning and my wife of twenty plus years informed me that I had Raped her on the previous evening. I pointed out that she showed no resistance to the sexual act and fully participated. She informed me that she was drunk and under the law unable to consent. I said that if that were the case, every time we ever had sex was Rape. She concurred. Several years later we split up. On reflection, I had to wonder if I ever had sex with anybody?
Indeed by today's standards and laws, I was a serial Rapist... On further thought, decided that most people would have to be labeled as a rapist."

Since the only legal sex is when both participants are over 18, the only way to stay out of jail and off the lists, appears to be involuntary celibacy.
I did a poll at sodahead. While non scientific my poll showed that for about 80% of people first sexual contact was statutory rape as one or both participants were under legal age...

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