Are you 18 to 21?

Are you an Adult?

The 26th amendment gave the right to vote to 18 -20 year old citizens. Yet 18-20 year olds have historically been least likely to vote. I believe that in 2012 it is more important than ever before that the youth of America get out and vote!!!
Why you ask?

If the Republicrats hold on to power, the youth of America will suffer the most. The Democrats have stood by and watched as the Republican Party has systematically been waging a war against youth since the Reagan years. Consider the following;

1. 18 -21 year olds are most likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. They took away your right to drink. The penalties for using drugs and alcohol have been raised a dozen times in most states in the past two decades.

2. President Bush brought back the federal deficit and on a scale never before seen, don't worry about who is paying, it's you the youth of America and you will be paying for the Bush wars for the rest of your life and so will your children. Obama continued this farce of budgetary accounting. Now Trump seems determined to break all records on debt and spending...

3 With all the armed forces, all the reserves, all the national guard already waging wars. There is talk of spreading our noble wars to several new countries. Those currently volunteering, are only doing so because of the lack of job opportunities. So where will the Republicrats get more soldiers for these ever expanding wars?
There is no need for it as long as we have the back door daft called poverty, nonetheless Obama signed an executive order that now requires all men serve in the Armed forces.
Obama also signs executive order approving US military force against US citizens Regardless of your beliefs, you will be trained in the art of killing and you and your friends will lose limbs and minds in order to keep the military industrial complex alive and well while homeless people are dying in our streets...

4. There is a movement is D.C to repeal the 26th amendment.
They want to take your vote away!!!

Never mind all those other issues, this time it's personal.
2020 will be another year that you really need to vote!!!
It's your future, It's your life at stake.

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