OBAMA'S 2012 State of the Union

The President started out with a bunch of lies about how the USA is more respected (feared) and how we are all somehow safer, now that Bin Ladin has been assassinated. After that he prattled along with pointless statistics for a while until he got to his point that jobs were on the rebound but there are no qualified candidates to fill them?
(I have to wonder why the millions of recently graduated students can't fill them?)
Obama says technology sector can't find employees.
I Say it's because they legally discriminate against half the population.
Since Corporations maintain that they can not hire drinkers, smokers, drug users, criminals and so on...
and Congress has passed bills encouraging them to do so...
What do I say, who the hell promised you pre-trained workers?
What ever happened to time proven traditions like apprenticeships and on the job training?
I also have to wonder, if every corporation, that made any money last year hired just one employee, what would that do for the economy and unemployment rates?
Then he said those magic words that will get him re-elected. I am going to take the money we save from wars and put half against the deficit and half into our infrastructure rebuilding roads and bridges. Too bad we never had that money in the first place, putting half of it back won't even come close to balancing the budget. In the end I have to admit at least he is trying, something George Bush jr never even considered.

Ronald Gascon 2012 write in candidate

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