A Message to Americans

A high percentage of the American people simply don't trust the government, that the dissatisfaction with the government is widespread,
Americans are afraid because they have been told that there is a terrorist, and drug addict, a serial killer and a sex fiend living in every neighborhood.
Is the government protecting us from these people or just labeling them as so to have better control over the citizenship?

America today is not the realization of a government of, by, and for the people, but a government serving two parties that together no longer represent anything other than the continuation of the two parties and only serve only the interests of big businesses that support the parties. Trampling on the rights of the people and destroying the environment all in the pursuit of wealth for the Rich and the few.

How do they get away with it?
we are divided by religion, by sex, by income levels,
We are divided and labeled based on our choice of recreational drugs.
We are divided and labeled based on our sexual preferences.
We are divided by education levels.
We are divided by whether we own a car or a gun.
We are divided by the size of our houses as well as whether or not we have a house.
We are divided by our countries of origin.
Then after we are all properly labeled, They divide us to turn us against each other, so they can continue doing what ever they want. The people don't blame the government, because they have poor people, terrorists and sex fiends to blame for all their problems. The real truth is that the government is the problem, because Government has evolved into a machine for controlling people, that control is called a police state.

Then we have the Wars against all other countries, disguised as the war on terror, Really a war on foreign cultures the war on drugs, (really a war on counter-culture). when asked American citizens consistently say end these wars.
Yet we still have all these wars? Why?
Because certain individuals with power and money believe that they can profit from endless wars. So they bought themselves a couple political parties...

There are two small groups of people who call themselves the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Each of these small groups has millions of sheeple, who want to believe that they belong to something. These two parties represent less than half of the population together, yet they run everything?

The first thing any of us can do is vote. The year 2016 elections are on the horizon, political hopefuls are already gathering millions and millions of dollars, for the sole purpose of brainwashing you into believing, either that they are the person whom will "represent" you best, or that your opinions are so inconsequential, that you shouldn't bother to vote! If you are pissed off at the government, if you realize that the government has taken the position that "we the people" are the enemies of the state, all criminals just waiting to be caught, processed and dealt with... Then I would like to ask you for a few minutes of your time. Please come and visit my Web Site without pre-judgement and read about a plan, to make us free citizens again, to rein in the federal government, to make our homes safe from violent criminals and the prying eyes of big mother.

Ronald Gascon for President
reg420@aol.com After viewing my web site please forward this message to anyone you think may be interested,
the internet may yet be the salvation of freedom in this country.

Ronald E. Gascon Writer / Activist
Independent Candidate for U.S. President
Currently resides mt Morris NY
Gascon for President

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