Well here we are really near the start of the 2020 election season... (all previous being Republican and Democrat Parties laying claim to the stage)

Here we go with another season of reality TV...

That statement says it all and should end this post but short posts are too easy to pass by...

But it is proof positive of One of the many bumper stickers on my campaign van which reads:

"Democrats Republicans
Same Shit different Piles"

Many people have taken offense to this statement, mostly Republicans and Democrats I suspect...
They ask if and how I could possibly believe such a statement? They tell me that there are great differences in party platforms, that I am uninformed if I believe otherwise. A hundred years ago these two parties were one and split over some issues, today the major difference is on the issues of abortion and on the death penalty. Both issues are better left to religion...
I know that the statement is true on so many different levels. First off both groups are obviously humans and all that comes with the human condition is also true. They bleed, they make mistakes, they lie, and in the end they die. Secondly there is the leadership of both parties, which is made up of pompous old men who believe that they are morally superior, and therefore have the right and duty to subject the rest of us to their wills, ways and laws. Then there is the followers, the rank and file of both parties, who choose to vote for the party of choice. These people are all mindless sheep, too brainwashed to think for themselves. Both parties tax and spend, both parties believe war is the key to economic prosperity, both parties believe that we are a super power with the right and duty to coerce the rest of the world to do our bidding. Both parties support the failed war on drugs, a civil war against our own citizens. So I stand by the statement same shit different piles, tow piles of shit that have hijacked our government for the purposes of bleeding it dry assets, while destroying the freedom that allowed them power in the first place.


100 Ways Republicans Are Just Like Democrats

Pictures tell the story just as well
Obama's America
Bush's America

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