March Against Pain

Washington D.C. JUNE 13 1998

On Saturday, the afternoon that began in searing
heat but ended in a drenching thundershower, patients and
physicians gathered at the steps of the Capitol Building in
Washington, DC to protest the under treatment of chronic
pain, the maltreatment of chronic pain patients and the
persecution of doctors who prescribe narcotics for pain as
needed. Signs and t-shirts read "stop pain now" and "get
the DEA out of my doctor's office". Awards were presented
to several physicians who have courageously stood up for the
rights of patients.

One piece of good news that was reported was that the DEA,
after two long years, has finally restored Dr. William
Hurwitz's license to prescribe narcotics
. The Virginia
Board of Medicine restored his state licenses several months
ago, and in a dramatic about face, praised his method of
pain treatment and encouraged him to continue.

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