Million Marijuana March World gathers to Protest Pot Laws

Being equal distant, we had a choice of Cleveland or NY City for our Protesting. We decided on New York and headed out. We arrived late and got caught up in the traffic jam caused by the March, so we dumped the car first chance we had and headed out on foot. We caught up easily and at Broadway and Wall St lit up our token joint and passed it among the crowd. We finished up with the last ten blocks or so and joined the masses in Battery Park. The sweet smell of skunk was very apparent. Dana Beal, Dr. Heicklen, Rob Robertson and many others addressed the crowd in between bands. We ran into fellow protesters from Philly, Central Pa and the High Times gang as well. Reports of up to 20,000 marchers seem exaggerated, but at least 5000 made it to the park without arrest. Others were not so lucky. All in all though the city and the police seemed a lot more tolerant than last year. When the event finished up we headed out for the Legalize party at the Wetlands. Disco Biscuits as always put on an excellent show.

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