How to keep from becoming a slave to America

If you are under 18, Stay in school! Do your best in school, try to honestly learn something. You will need it to make it in this messed up world your elders are leaving you. Get a part time job, save your money, for when you need it. Stay away from drugs alcohol and cigarettes, addictions will cost you for the rest of your life.

What about college?
Unless you are in the top 10% of your class forget it. It is a waste of money for you, and your parents as well as the the tax payers.

Go for vocational education, most of the available jobs in this country are in food service. Food service training means you will always have a job when you want or need it. College for those who are not gifted is just a repeat of high school and those pieces of paper you get at the end, get you the same Mc'job you would have had anyway. You would be much better off working and saving your money until you decided what you really want to do with your life. You can always go later... College just starts the debt cycle, four years , no earnings. You wind up with a stack of books you'll never look at again. For most College means four years of partying and $100,000 in debt, which you have to pay off in ten years...

If you are in college...

If you are in college and doing well stick it out, you mighty get lucky... Top students often get real job offers before they even graduate. If your not doing well bail now, get a job get two pay off those loans as quickly as possible find an interest and start a life. Stay out of debt, financing is the key to your enslavement. Waiting a year for something while you save the money, will make you appreciate it so much more than if you pay for it forever. Forget the bonds of marriage and kids. Marriage changes a relationship so much, you won't know yourself after six months...By trying to meet the expectations of society, family and religion you lose yourself to the institution. The first is those fancy rings that cost a years wages and are easily paid for in 60 monthly payments... Kids... forget get it... you are put under a microscope everybody from relatives to local authorities, school snoops and the federal government breathes down your neck watching every move and telling you you are doing it all wrong. The kids themselves never appreciate what you're doing for them either.
By avoiding the peer pressure, you can make your life your own and you will be happier in the end. Forget the big house fancy cars and the rainbow dreams. A cheap used trailer protects you from the elements as well as a $200,000 dollar house. Trailers can be had for as little as $500 and cars as well. Two months pay at minimum wage and you can have both, with out having to make a monthly payment for 7 years (car) or 40 years (house). If enough people follow this advice the market will drop out and houses and cars will be affordable in about the time you have saved the money to pay cash.

Already out of school and in debt up to your ass?

Well some of us have to learn the hard way, so we can teach others. Congratulations you are a teacher. My suggestion to you is that you liquidate everything you possibly can. Sell the house and the car move down to something you can afford. Get a second job pay off those debts as quickly as you can. Pay off student loans and taxes first. Work at it for at least a year if it still seems hopeless declare bankruptcy. If nothing else it will prevent you from making the same mistakes again..

Bought the whole game kids and all

Well you have achieved the American dream... Been there done that.... Marriage house kids and the two cars. Congratulations, The government will not let you out of this. You are responsible for those kids and their actions until they have been declared adults. You can try liquidating to some extent but don't go for those second jobs... Because your kids need you for guidance and protection and the government has scores of charges to put against you if you should fail them in anyway. Tough it out raise good kids raise smart kids don't let them fall in to the same traps that you did...

Kids are gone, debts still here...

This is your second chance, you survived the hard part...
see "Already out of school and in debt up to your ass?" ^above ^

So what would happen if half of America followed my advice?

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