Bellefonte Marijuana Protests

6/7/ - 6/9/98 Prisoners of Drug War protest The first ever Marijuana protest in Bellefonte Pa.
6/22/98 Julian Heicklen held his first official smokeout in Bellefonte Pa and finally got his wish. After smoking his traditional joint, he was arrested and carried off by Bellefonte police, while Honeybud and mari jane sang the national anthem. He is being held for $10,000 bail... Maximum fine for his crime in pa $500.. hmmm
June 25, Joe Devecka, Julian Heicklen's attorney, asked Magistrate Hoffman for a bail reduction from $10,000 to $500 without restrictions regarding the law or drugs. Magistrate Hoffman rejected the request. An appeal was made to President Judge Charles C. Brown, Jr., who set a hearing for 8:45 AM on Friday, June 26. At this hearing, Judge Brown reduced the bail to $1000 unsecured bond (no money had to posted). The stipulations to follow the law and not use illicit drugs were included with the exception that "Heicklen could smoke marijuana as a form of political protest in public demonstrations" without being in violation of bail conditions.

Heicklen accepted this agreement and was released from prison.
Three Cheers for Judge Brown, I think he may be on "our" side

6/29/98 Julian was back in Bellefonte, about a dozen people gathered for the protest. Julian gave his speech and said he was not going to smoke, because it would not be convenient to his schedule to be arrested today. Several people spoke, the police did not attend, but did pass by a few times during the hour..

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