Buy Back Your Vote !!!

In the 1996 and 2000, the Ronald Gascon
"John Galt jr." for President Campaign"did not accept funds
from any outside sources, except the occasional change left
at the info desk jar at various festivals. That is to say that I
personally paid for everything to support both campaigns.

Both campaigns total costs were less than $2000,

Although I have refused financial donations in the past,
I now feel that if we are to face the problems facing this country,
that I do need a little help from those who understand
that message is that things are very wrong and
we must change things.

In 2004, I asked supporters to each send me a $2 bill
as a sign of faith and hope.
Some people accused me of a running a get rich quick scheme.
I have to wonder how they feel about $10,000 a plate dinners?
For the Record I collected 57 two dollar bills...
That's $114 and I paid for everything else.
In 2008, I asked for nothing and received nothing, I ran a modest campaign, spending less than $100.
Yet I am sure that my message has been presented to a least a
Million People, likely more.

Corporate America has been buying Congress and both major
parties with millions of dollars for decades. They have bought
and paid for the laws they need.

The Republicrats Spent a Billion dollars on the 2004 and 2008 campaigns for President!
$2000 dollar a seat speeches, $10,000 a plate dinners, hundreds of thousands in corporate sponsorship's,
hard money soft money any money will do...
Obama set all time records out spending McCain by millions,
claiming it all came from the little people $10 and $20 at a time...
Republicrate candidates are already raising millions of dollars each for 2016..

Where will it end?

spending to finance, More and more "bailouts",and the war on terrorism,
which will most likely go down in history as World War three.

You know this Campaign money isn't coming from average people,
but the rich and corporate elite and that is exactly who
the Republicrats will continue to represent when elected.

So I ask very little.
By being penny wise and efficient
With a little help from my friends, I think I can put on a campaign
and win for as little as $10,000 and along the way return the power to the people.
So I am asking for money but not much.
I would like again ask supporters to send $2 dollar bill, or more,
if you support any of the campaign goals I have set. Anyone and
everyone who cares at all should be able to figure out a way
to set aside $2.50 ($2 plus a stamp to mail it) for my campaign.

When first envisioned, this campaign was never planned to travel beyond the internet,
Much has happened since 1996, so It will continue as presented for only $5 a month,
I can afford to do it myself,
but each year passes, I am being asked to make more appearances
and we know where gas prices are and where they are going.
So I am also raising the upper end donation from $50 to $500
and if I don't get enough I'll hitch hike if I must.

Knowing that the "campaign " has goals of voter registration
and issue packed information for informed voting, you know
your money will be well used.

I figure that we need roughly 50 million people voting to pull off a
complete upset election. We all know that only thing that travels
faster than the word of mouth is email. So if everybody who
takes this seriously, emails or tells others about it, we should
be well on the way to spreading the word.

What if I can get a couple million people full of hope,
hope that we the people have not completely lost all control
over our own government selection process to each send me $2?
If five million, ten million or 20 million people send me just $2,
Do You think I could pull of a media blitz then?
To you it's $2 representing not only hope but the belief,
that we the people can and will change the way things are...

All, I ask is if you believe in the American spirit
send me $2 \ and write in Ronald E. Gascon
for U S President. Because hope is still alive and the belief
that we can change things will take us to the future

Cash Donations
Ronald Gascon for President
c/o Gascon House
9 Sullivan St
Mount Morris NY 14510

Checks or money orders should be made payable to Ronald Gascon

As soon as you start asking for donations
people start asking questions like,

Why should I give you money to waste on a losing campaign?

and "What are you going to do with the money?"

To most people including myself that sounds like a lot of people,
but 60 million extra people voting would fundamentally
change the face of politics in this country
I think that at least 40% of the population
agrees with my positions, We can do this and we can change
the direction of this country if we are willing to put in a little work.

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