WAR ON DRUGS = War on American citizens

Welcome to Nazi America

Zero tolerance, means total intolerance, how can this happen in a democratic society?

To quote the Libertarian platform (1992):

The so called "War on Drugs" is a grave threat to individual liberty, to domestic order and to peace in the world; furthermore, it has provided a rationale by which the power of the state has been expanded to restrict greatly our right to privacy and to be secure in our own homes.

What this means to me and many Americans is that they fear the police more than the criminals. The government has been rounding up and locking up dangerous pot smokers for over four decades, yet heroin use is up. What ever happened to the gateway theory that started this round up anyway? Humans are curious, they always have been. Humans use drugs, they always have. Clinton claimed tobacco as the gateway drug in a failed attempt to up the stakes in this ruse of a war. Meanwhile as newer more dangerous drugs are flooding our streets and schools Hard working American citizens (who have been stripped of property, voting rights and personal freedom) are serving life without parole for growing pot or possessing hash or LSD. So the government in its infinite wisdom is releasing rapists, muggers, and murderers on the streets to make room in the prisons for drug addicts and alcoholics. Their solution More jails, more cops, bigger guns...

March 1994 Chicago Housing Authority authorizes drug and weapons sweeps (searches) of public housing projects. Basically the Chicago Police department did warrantless searches of all tenants apartments going from door to door.. (Remind you of Nazi Germany at all?)

The Illinois chapter of the ACLU went to federal court and obtained an injunction against these unconstitutional searches. A week later President Clinton announced that they had come up with a constitutionally effective way (Re: loophole) to continue this policy of warrant-less searches. Public housing tenants now have to sign away their right to privacy and consent to warrant-less searches in their apartment leases... or get out.. Bottom line if you're poor you have no rights in this country. This practice will spread quickly, what's next student housing? Trailer Parks? Coming soon WARRANT LESS SEARCH AND SEIZURE to your town...

12/31/96 MEDICAL MARIJUANA REJECTED AS 'HOAX' reads the headline as the government desperately continues to tell Americans what they are supposed to think... My Questions to this administration are what are the medical uses for Kool-aid? Jack Daniels? Snuff? Comic Books? Steven King Novels? Cigarettes? Wait I know that one Cigarettes help to reduce the agony of nicotine withdrawals...

Basically they say "Who the hell cares what the medical uses for marijuana are?"
Just the people who need it, a small minority hardly worth this administration's notice. What price have we paid in lives for this ridiculous war? Beyond those who have been killed both citizens and police, what about all the people who have died from cancer in the past 40 years? How could the two be even remotely connected? The US Government has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures Cancer.

What I want to know is what about the non-medical uses for Marijuana. What about using it for high protein food? Hemp seed has been the mainstay of many cultures over the ages. It can even be called health food! What about hemp cloth? Canvass and other cloth's were made from hemp fibers for centuries. White man would not have found or settled this continent without it. What about hemp paper? What about hemp for bio-mass electricity production? Hemp oil or hemp distillates for fuel? What about hemp for victory the cry of WWII when hemp production was renewed by the government for certain purposes . And what about medicine? Hemp has been used successfully for many medicinal purposes since the beginning of time. Yet even with modern scientific proof our government (Our politicians) feels that marijuana is evil and dangerous without a single bit of real evidence to back up their assertions.

How it works

The current war on drugs is an all out fiasco. In order to keep the statistics up the war is being waged primarily against Marijuana smokers. It goes something like this: Teams of undercover cops enter an area or town and use each other as references of "being cool" they hang out at bars and try to get people to get high with them or get invited to parties. Once they have established some trust, they ask pot smokers "Do you know where I can get some?" If they see someone with a baggie they ask can I buy a joint or some of your bag. The person often sell a small amount as a favor to the undercover cop. This makes them a dealer in the eyes of the zero tolerance laws. This goes on for about a year or two then they go back and arrest everyone who was friendly to them and charge them with distribution of drugs, all the time missing the real dealers who are smart enough not sell to strangers. There have been MORE THAN 20 MILLION MARIJUANA ARRESTS SINCE 1965 ANOTHER EVERY 49 SECONDS! This is why Major drug investigations that take 18 -20 months net six or seven ounces of pot and land 15 - 20 people in jail on dealing charges. each getting 10 - 15 years in jail under mandatory sentencing laws.

Now that they got them dead to rights they blackmail the prisoners telling them that they will consider dropping charges if they will narc on a certain number of other smokers or dealers. If these dangerous pot smokers won't plead guilty or help out the cause or if the police have a weak case because of entrapment or evidence procedures, they offer a plea bargain for probation in return for a guilty plea which will be expunged (which seldom happens). Under current forfeiture laws, if the deal was made in a car they can keep your car, in a house or business they confiscate the house and sell it to support continued investigations. In every case the police keep all the money and all the drugs...

Another scenario is that these undercover cops, don't find any drugs or people to buy from. Well then they turn the tables. They get into the evidence locker pick out some pretty bags and go out and sell them. Meanwhile the uniforms sit near by and arrest patrons taking back the pot so it can be resold. In every case they keep all the money.

Every once in a while they actually catch someone who is selling for a living, a real dealer. Do they arrest him or her? No they watch them for months and arrest all the patrons while they gather evidence. I have heard stories of the cops actually supplying dealers with pot during dry spells so that the investigation can continue...

Why is the seizure of drugs money and property so important to these narcotics investigations? Because for years people have been complaining about their tax dollars being used in these ways, budgets were cut and now revenue enhancement is the only way these guys can keep their jobs. This is why stories of drug plants and entrapment are so common. bust stories

My solution is so much simpler. If a person who is curious and of age wishes to experiment with tobacco, hemp, steroids, alcohol, or use birth control, antibiotics, vitamins or pain killers. They should be enrolled in a educational program on the effects of these and other drugs. Upon passing a test on effects of various substances and signing waivers, would be given permission to use these drugs as an informed citizen. I am not saying PCP or Crack should be legal, but as a civilized culturally diverse educated country we should allow access to more than caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Granted we would still have to have laws pertaining to driving and public use. But the police will need something to do when the violence from the drug generated undergrounds disperse.

Have you noticed the flood of the market with new herbal cures and supplements? Various kinds of stimulates (Speed, uppers) Where is all this stuff coming from? Mostly they are exotic herbs from South America and Asia. Are they safe?

Who knows under the latest FDA policies any plant can be ground up and presented as a food supplement without testing of any kind. If they prove to be dangerous then they will be pulled off the market. This means if marijuana was discovered today it would be legal and I believe it would stand up to the safety requirements of the FDA.
Again I ask..

Zero tolerance, means total intolerance,
how can this happen in a democratic society?
The question is what will you do about it? John Galt Jr.

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