I sometimes refer to a entity which I describe as my understanding of god. Some people want to know just what it is that I claim to understand about the supreme being. I believe that god is the collections of all the thoughts ever thought and all the knowledge known to exist. This includes not only the thoughts of man but the thoughts of every animal plant and tree.. Kind of like a big hard drive in the sky, but in reality more like the internet. Using this comparison "god" would not judge good and evil (which is completely subjective depending on the view of the participants) It would encompass both sides of every argument. Each person (or animal) has his own personal connection or modem with this entity, some have stronger connections some have faster ones. This system like the internet gives different messages to different people depending on their personal points of view. Efficient no, but neither is the internet, but both are valuable tools when we seek more knowledge. How one reaches god is through simple meditation, ask and you shall receive. now I know that the moral minority is crying heretic heretic right now but hey you asked all I can do is answer.
Perhaps you would like take a little test, to help you define your god?

What about death you ask? Well I may have died before, but I don't consider myself an expert. It does seem to me that some form of your essence hangs around either independently or as part of the above mentioned "god". But my personal pet theory is that what ever you believe is going to happen to you at the moment of death is what will happen to you ! If you think you will just cease to exist, you will cease to exist. If you expect or want to be a ghost then you'll do it. If you think you'll come back as a frog, so be it. If you think you'll go to heaven or hell your vision of that heaven or hell will dictate how you spend eternity, in the end you will be your own judge and get what you think you deserve.

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