The Truth about Norml

I have been a participating activist in the fight against the "drug war" for twenty years now and have met a lot of people who represent a group know as Norml. They say Norml stands for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

This group no more wants Marijuana legalized, than the DEA. They may have started out to help, but now they are just part of the system. Norml has never spear-headed any legislation, but gladly shows up take bows when it looks like a measure may pass.

Norml is 450 Lawyers that want you to get busted, so they can charge you to represent you then sell you up the river. Norml refuses to help activists, the people on the front line of the battle. IN the past Twenty years I have been fighting this battle, I have never before said anything about Norml, yet I have been excluded from speaking at any national Norml Event? Why I wonder. When I asked for help, I was shown the door. They say they don't help trouble makers... Regardless of their great spokes persons like Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson say, they do no Americans any good.

Think about this logically, 450 Lawyers working for over 30 years and have accomplished nothing, except a fund raising machine that stoner's use for "a safe dating service". I wouldn't even count on that. Every Norml Chapter has at least One undercover agent at all times, just to make sure that the group doesn't go beyond the excepted bonds of fund raising.
Don't give these people your money, don't trust them.
Norml? National Organization for Ripping off Marijuana users by Lawyers

That being said should you want to contact Norml

click here
NORML California, CSU Fresno
NORML Ohio, North
NORML Oregon, Willamette Valley
NORML Tennessee,University of Memphis
Hurry these site are disappearing quicker than roachs in a dry spell...
NORML Throws Religious Cannabis Users to the Lions

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