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Welcome Friends,
People still write and call, wanting to know what's up, when is the next SShh Festival?
What's up is that the government is doing it's best to do away with the festival culture via "THE RAVE ACT"
The Rave act is clearly unconstitutional prohibition of certain gatherings, broadly stated any gathering where any person is doing illegal drugs is a RAVE. The organizers and the owners of the land are threatened with high fines, jail time and forfeiture without any due process. They did a practice run of how the law would work before it was passed with the raid on Rainbow Farms
But since it has passed It's only been used once, to close down Swagstock prosecuted under this statute. However Many many venues have been threatened with prosecution if they didn't cancel certain events or activities or face forfeiture of their property. Most everyone has canceled those events so as not to lose their land. What about those who refuse, I don't know of any, but I'm sure their are some, why are they not prosecuted? Because since the Reagan years unconstitutional laws are routinely passed and then they wait for some to call them on it and take it all the way to the Supreme Court, which takes many years and the court can choose ignore the problem for political reasons. So much for the Constitution...

Since my musical activities have been outlawed by the Rave act and my political activities outlawed by the Patriot act; What is one too do?
I can only say continue onward with the fight for real freedom. The government has started killing my friends,
it's time WE do something about it.

My goal for 2004-2007 was to be the biggest Bush basher in all of the USA.
Micheal Moore took that spot, but being second or third isn't that bad.
For those of you who haven't heard yet; I am running for US President again in 2016!!!
SSHH Festivals presented 12 amazing shows between 1999 and 2005 before we were harassed out of business by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Our Favorite Venues are now gone
Rainbow Farms Campgrounds *Closed By the FBI sold at auction
Tune Town Campgrounds * Mysteriously Burnt to the ground
Almost Heaven Campgrounds * No longer doing shows, afraid of Rave act
The Church of Love and Music * Closed down by Local Government
Because words like Solstice Hemp Hippie smoking, gathering, happening apparently have secret meanings that only the government is aware of The Summer Solstice Hemp Happening did not happened in since 2005...

So I have returned to New York and acquired a Venue of my own. A reunion show was held in June of 2014 and if all goes well next year, we should soon have a full schedule of four shows again!
When I book the bands for SSHH, I hire musicians not hype. Some of these bands were Diamonds in the rough, but just because you haven't heard of them doesn't mean they can't rock the house out. I promise to maintain the same standards for all SSHH Festivals. In the past people were amazed to be presented a stadium quality show for prices less than half most shows.
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