Who to Vote For?

On election day 100 million sheeple will go to the polls
and make their votes using one criteria
Democrat or Republican

We need to get 50 million or so people who normally don't vote, but are pissed off enough at our current ruling class to come out and vote third party and write in candidates.
Just 15 minutes of your time will help change the world

Who should you vote for?

Do not vote for any incumbent in state or federal representation. They have had their
chance and have FAILED to represent the people.

Do not vote for any Republican or Democrat for national or state representation,
these parties have had 150 years to represent the people. They have FAILED.

Do not vote for anyone who has a degree in law, I know this sounds weird, but if you have ever had any dealings with a lawyer, you know they twist words, meanings and find loopholes. WE DO NOT NEED THESE PEOPLE to be WRITING THOSE LAWS, giving themselves and their colleagues more loopholes to conveniently find for thousands of $$$$$$$. We all know what is on lawyers' minds RETAINERS, BIG FEES, fat wallets from our pockets to theirs.

Do not believe any politician who suddenly seems to have a change of position, they have a tendency to more LIE near election time. Check their voting records and their campaign finance reports to see who they really represent...

Vote for youth, Our country has been run by men over 60 years old for a hundred years. Do they really have any stake in the future?
Their short-sighted politics will still be ruining our lives long after they are dead and buried.
Also there are dozens of other parties in this country, plus thousands of independent
candidates. Take some time look for the right man or women who will represent YOU,
don't worry about the rest of us.

Lastly If by chance you can't find a suitable Candidate RUN YOURSELF. It is your civic duty to cause change...
Are you sick of being a sheeple? Think for yourself, vote for the candidate that represents your views.
More Help?

To recap and just to be certain we understand this undertaking; the plan is to peacefully overthrow the federal and every state government by using the processes set up by our forefathers. The plan will take six to ten years of intense support of myself and each and everyone of you. We can do it if you make the commitment also... Ronald E. Gascon

Who to not vote for, and why

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