9th Hempsplash / Whee Festival
July 29-30th, 2000
Echo Lake, Afton NY

Thousands of peace loving music and pot fans gathered to see what happens when
Damn Sam Productions and High Times magazine get together. It was very very Wet, it poured rain all weekend,
but the damp people smoked a lot of dank and hung out thinking it had to stop sooner or later. It didn't...

Speaking Both Ima Rae Gaskin and Saint Stephen Gaskin
Other Speakers, included John Galt jr. and Julian Heicklen
Featured Bands David Nelson Band and Hypnotic Clambake

My personal high lights of the weekend where Grandma chads keif chocolates, and just getting to be in the VIP room when they were doing the cannabis cup tasting,
I didn't get to be a judge but, the room was so smokey, I not only got a second hand buzz, I got so stoned I had to sit down for awhile and got more stoned...

Who says you can't have fun in the rain?

Back to what happened

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