Why increased police and government always leads to corruption

The question is answered by basic statistics...
In in given society there are a limited number of "good" and "bad" persons. That is as some would say the spectrum of the morality scale is from saint to evil deity. As you go down the scale, the chances that a person who acts in an improper way being added to the group increase. Naturally you would want the most moral people to be running the government. That is assuming people could actually be classified in such a matter. However the top 1-2% is always taken by religions, priests, ministers, evangelists, popes and the like. After that consideration, logically there would be one person who was the worst and one who was the best. I think that most people would agree that there are very few people who would fall into the upper or lowest levels and that most people fall closer to the center. Legal Representation, Law enforcement, Government and Corrections all have been growth industries for the past three decades. The problem becomes one of selecting additions in each and every growth period that are less qualified on the morality scale as in the previous growth period, hence every increase of intolerance increases the chances of corruption. The fairest, freest government, would have to result from the fewest people involved in these professions. John Galt jr.


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