The Affordable Care Act?

The plan made sense as presented. Spread the costs out so healthy people will "pay their share". You see they forgot some tiny little variables in their projections. Some people don't go to doctors, very much. Some People like me, the targeted ones, who walked the line with their health, now have health insurance. If you have health insurance, it only make sense to use it, so now health care costs are soaring, because people are actually going to the doctor.. The affordable Care act AKA Obamacare also made the cheap plans at the bottom of the scale illegal; because they didn't provide "good enough" coverage. So people who were formerly covered, now have had to upgrade to better insurance, which costs more...

Over the years I have always stood against National Health care system. The primary reason being that anything the feds touch the feds screw up. Summed up in bumper sticker fashion "US Government Policy if it ain't broke fix it until it is"
The secondary reason is "Who gets to decide what constitutes health care?"
Are Botox, acupuncture, chiropractic, liposuction, laser operations, treatment for addiction part of health care?
How about Cosmetic surgery, tattoo removal, Dental work, ritual cutting, circumcision, aromatherapy, and what about the sacred herbs of so many societies like Marijuana?

Yet, still like the governing powers, I am ignoring the real problem; that health care costs are outrageous.
When you ask why?

The first reason that comes up is Malpractice insurance is too high, which leads us a real problem, behind every Doctor there are a dozen lawyers looking for their next lawsuit. These Lawyers prey on the medical industry as well as the sick and dying. Typically the Lawyer keeps 50 - 85% of the settlement for their fee.

Recently I came to some new realizations. I went to the big fancy teaching school hospital for a quick overnight snip. The things I learned sickened me literally. I never received my surgery and I left AMA after three weeks.

One of the major problems begins with the fact that even if non-profit, every medical facility is a Corporation. Corporations are soulless entities that really only exist on paper and in alternative realities. The primary goal of every corporation is it's own continued existence. In order to accomplish this, a large number of mindless drones must be recruited, to do the dirty work like bed pans, sponge bathes, janitorial services and all the rest. At least half of these staffers are imported, they have no mastery of the English language, and seem to think they will end up being doctors some day, if they play their sheeple roles. So How much does the ceo of a non-profit healthcare system make?

Then comes the drugs, everybody gets the same five drugs, three of which are narcotic pain relief.
The operating rooms are an assembly line, each person along the way doing their particular specialty.
In order to keep beds at capacity, the only way to get out of the system is to be the healthiest, when they need a new bed.

Another problem is a total lack of oversight. I had a trac tube in my throat, the inner cannula is a plastic straw like thing, basically a fancy flex straw, they cost $45 dollars each, you can get a box of a dozen flex straws for $2...

I also get these hormone shots that cost $5053.36 each. I can't imagine how they come up with this price for a 30ml shot. Yet someone is paying these bills, most likely you because I am on medicare...
Is someone making a killing on these items?

So now some people are paying twice, three times as much for their insurance. There has also been a flood of people, who lost their insurance and or didn't know they qualified for medicaid and medicare, who now have insurance through government programs that were supposed to save government money under the system. Since everyone is now going to the doctor, everybody can expect rate increases of up to another 100%, just because they used their health insurance.
How far do you take health care?
Are we looking towards a future where the only acceptable way to die is on a operating table?
Do you want to have your operation at Jiffy Lube?
Because that is what you get, when the feds fix things...
The fixes?
Law suit limits
home care practitioners
Limits on CEO's pay for running non-profits

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