Hey everybody, I'm Back!

I got my hemp shirt, I got my protest signs, you know you should never go anywhere with out a protest sign, you never know when you may want to protest. Listen up everybody I only get five minutes tonight. Yesterday I talked to you guys about the importance of protest. Today we are going to talk about what you should be protesting.
We should be protesting the deforestation of our planet, not just the rain forest but all trees need to be saved. New trees need to be planted, trees are the salvation of this planet.
We should be protesting the pollution of our waters, the planet is dying and water is the key to all living things surviving.
We should be protesting the bullying of sovereign nations by our government and it's policies.
We should be protesting the fact that we have troops all over the world, we they should be home protecting us from the police.
We should be protesting the corporate raiding of our government, and corporate welfare.
We need to protest the wholesale buying of our officials and our laws, which are being written to help those same corporations and squash free enterprise and the small businessman.
We should be protesting the fact that the federal government is using a 100 million dollars of our tax monies each year to support the partnership for a drug free America. This is a political issue and if they continue, I want equal funding for our citizens of earth protests. Can you imagine what kind of party we would have here, and what kind of bands we could draw with say a million dollar budget?

I know a lot of you came here this weekend because this is the biggest party around for hundreds of miles. But let me tell you there are a bunch of people who have come here to work. People like myself Derrick, Doug, Steven and the other speakers are here working. Most of us don't get a penny for our work so pay them with attention. We are here to increase hemp awareness on the planet. Now I know that most of you out there know this stuff about Marijuana and Hemp. I'm not here to tell you about the uses of hemp. I am here to turn you guys into activists. You see what's going on around you? Loving caring sharing people, this is our vision of the world. What we are doing here is illegal under current statues in every state of the union and that is sad and sick. we are not hurting anyone. If you want your world to be like this you need to get out get involved, do some protesting.
Humans are curious they always have been Humans use drugs they always have been.

The so called war on drugs is a grave threat to liberties, the power of the state has been expanded to restrict our constitutionally provided rights. Many Americans are more afraid of the police than they are of the criminals.The police can and will at anytime of the day or night break down your door, because they say if they gave you notice you could flush the evidence. The truth is if you can get rid of the evidence in sixty seconds, there wasn't enough to be worth bothering with in the first place. People have to lock their doors because some states have implied consent laws. This means that if you leave your door unlocked or open, you have given the police the right to enter and search your home. When the police serve their so called no knock warrants and you reach for a light switch or your glasses, you will be shot to death on the spot.

.In 1994 Chicago Housing authority authorized drug and weapons sweeps of public housing. The ACLU took them to court and stopped this policy of unconstitutional searches. A week later Clinton announced that they had figured out a loop hole, that now public housing tenants have to sign away their right to privacy in their apartment leases. Bottom line if you are poor in this country you have no rights. The current war on drugs is a fiasco, it is waged primarily against pot smokers and the youth of our country. If you take the marijuana numbers out of the statistics, there is no big problem of drug use in this country, Well there is Alcohol and tobacco, but hey they don't count right?.

Derrick is waving at me again so I'll finish up quickly, because we have a kick ass band coming up in a minute.

So let me quickly cover forfeiture, the government is taking our personal property for the flimsiest reasons. The courts have ruled that your house can be seized if you have grow books on Marijuana. They can write them , they can sell them, you can buy them but if you get caught with a book in your home, they will take your house away.
Zero Tolerance is total intolerance. How can this happen in a free society? It can't Welcome to Nazi America. The real question I pose for the assembled masses here is what are you going to do about it. Thank you, good night

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