Obama's Biggest mistakes ...

Renewing the Patriot Act.

The Patriot act is the single most anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, anti-democratic, law ever on the books in this country. Obama promised to repeal it and has lost the trust of the American people by renewing it. One has to wonder why he would do such a thing? The Patriot Act provides low income for military and their families, without the war on terrorism, the economy would likely fall apart.

Cash to clunkers fiasco.

The idea sounded sound, sell new cars, stimulate the economy. Unfortunately it back fired and put thousands of people out of work instead. How could it be? New Car dealers were grossly overstocked on their lots, they only sold cars off from the lots, many cashed out when the lot was clear, and went out of business, so no new manufacturing. In addition Cash for clunkers put thousands of used car dealers out of business. With such great incentives to buy new, anyone buying bought new. Also Cash for clunkers called for immediate destruction of the traded in vehicles, no using them for parts, no reselling them to the people who still couldn't afford a new one. The cheap $1000 used cars that so many Americans depend upon, have been replaced by $5000 - $10,000 used cars that they can not afford. Next thousands of small independent car repair places were put out of business because the cars they fixed and the cars they used parts from to fix were crushed, no cars to work on no dinner on the table.

Failure to create jobs...

Profit and Investment Are Necessary For Job Creation, giving money to big corporations to bail them out, provided neither. The economy is best stimulated in consumer market place, consumer buying will stimulate manufacturing. The current corporate thinking is that they don't invest unless they make a profit first. Trillions of dollar were given to large corporations, so they could stock it away, and give out six figure bonuses to CEO's who dump it into the poker game known as the stock market. Businesses only create jobs when they think that the total cost of employing those workers will be offset by profits. In other words, if it's not profitable to hire workers, it's not going to happen.

The United States has become a welfare state, because we have no manufacturing, the root of a growing economy has to be made from tangible assets. A economy built on a foundation of intangible products is supported only by air. It takes money to create jobs, labor can't be productive unless investors are providing capital and labor provides products which translate into profits and thereby the accumulation of wealth for both the investors and the workers. Truck drivers won't get jobs unless someone has invested to buy trucks, but they still need products to ship...

Venture capitalists should be providing seed money not taxpayers, But the government can't compel them to invest. The problem is not a lack of capital. Businesses have plenty of extra cash with the Federal Reserve reporting that in 2010, that non-financial firms are sitting on $1.8 trillion, twenty-five percent more cash-on-hand than when the recession started.

The key issue is whether companies have a reason to invest. In other words, if they start spending money and hiring workers, will they make money?

Unfortunately, almost everything Washington's done the last 3 years has sent the opposite message.

The "stimulus" boosted federal spending, thus draining funds from private-capital markets and diverting resources from the productive sector of the economy. The main jobs that it "saved" were employees of state and local governments shielding the public sector from pain even as it inflicted more agony on the private sector.

The health-care law is a cornucopia of new taxes, mandates and regulations directly increasing the cost of hiring new employees (as well as of keeping old ones on). By telling employers that the cost of hiring is set to rise sharply in the years ahead, it makes them far more cautious about hiring.

The new bailout legislation, though labeled "financial reform," raises costs for financial firms, meaning loans will be more expensive. That is, investing in that truck or computer for that new hire will cost you more.

To be fair to President Obama, the problems began before his inauguration. President George W. Bush was not only responsible for two wars and the largest deficits in history to date, but also was responsible for the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) bailout, which has squandered precious capital by steering it to such inefficient firms as Citigroup and General Motors, which are unlikely to create, jobs over the long run.

Of course, Obama supported these and other Bush economic policies, so the "mess he inherited" is also a mess he helped to make. All that matters from a jobs perspective, though, is that government has made it more expensive to hire workers and more expensive to provide the capital needed to make workers productive. This is a bad combination whether politicians call themselves Democrats or Republicans.

Investors, entrepreneurs and other job creators also look into the future. If they think economic conditions will improve and that they can make money by expanding employment, they're more likely to take that risk. But what's happening in Washington gives them little reason to feel optimistic. The real answer may lie in propaganda programs, Bottom line is belief in the new economy is the only fix for the new economy.

Which brings the last item into focus. Failure to legalize Marijuana. Legalization would not only create / legitimize thousands of jobs stimulated the economy while saving a trillion dollars off the drug war books.

Update November 2011 Obama pulls a Clinton, and upsets Christians by suggesting that a 15 cent per live Christmas tree tax, would help the deficit. After realizing that it was actually just a tax on Christians, he backtracked.

Which brings us directly to the grad-daddy of all mistakes...

The Affordable Care Act?

The plan made sense as presented. Spread the costs out so healthy people will "pay their share". You see they forgot some tiny little variables in their projections. Some people don't go to doctors, very much. Some People like me, the targeted ones, who walked the line with their health, now have health insurance. If you have health insurance, it only make sense to use it, so now health care costs are soaring. ACA also made the cheap plans at the bottom of the scale illegal; because they didn't provide "good enough" coverage. So people who were formally covered, now have had to upgrade to better insurance, which costs more...

Over the years I have always stood against National Health care system. The primary reason being that anything the feds touch the feds screw up. Summed up in bumper sticker fashion "US Government Policy if it ain't broke fix it until it is"
The secondary reason is "Who gets to decide what constitutes health care?"
Are Botox, acupuncture, chiropractory, liposuction, laser operations, treatment for addiction part of health care?
How about Cosmetic surgery, tattoo removal, Dental work, ritual cutting, circumcision, aromatherapy, and what about the sacred herbs of so many societies like Marijuana?

Yet, still like the governing powers, I am ignoring the real problem; that health care costs are outrageous.
When you ask why? the first reason that comes up is Mal-practice insurance, which leads us to the real problem, behind every Doctor there are a dozen lawyers looking for their next lawsuit. These Lawyers prey on the medical industry as well as the sick and dying. Typically the Lawyer keeps 50 - 85% of the settlement for their fee.

Recently I came to some new realizations. I went to the big fancy teaching school hospital for a quick over night snip. The things I learned sickened me literally. I never received my surgery and I left AMA after three weeks.
One of the major problems begins with the fact that even if non-profit, every medical facility is a Corporation. Corporations are soulless entities that really only exist on paper and in alternative realities. The primary goal of every corporation is it's own continued existence. In order to accomplish this, a large number of mindless drones must be recruited, to do the dirty work like bed pans, sponge bathes, janitorial services and all the rest. At least half of these staffers are imported, they have no mastery of the English language, and seem to think they will end up being doctors some day, if they play their sheeple roles.P> Then comes the drugs, everybody gets the same five drugs, three of which are narcotic pain relief.
The operating rooms are an assembly line, each person along the way doing their particular specialty.
In order to keep beds at capacity, the only way to get out of the system is too be the healthiest, when they need a new bed.
The third problem is a total lack of over sight. I had a trac tube in my throat, the inner cannula is a plastic straw like thing, basically a fancy flex straw, they cost $45 dollars each, you can get a box of a dozen flex straws for $2... I also get these hormone shots that cost $5003.24 each. I can't imagine how they come up with this price for a 10 ml shot. Yet someone is paying these bills, most likely you because I am on medicare... Is someone making a killing on these items?

So now some people are paying twice, three times as much for their insurance. There has also been a flood of people, who lost their insurance and or didn't know they qualified for medicaid and medicare, who now have insurance through government programs that were supposed to save government money under the system.
How far do you take health care?
Are we looking towards a future where the only acceptable way to die is on a operating table?
Do you want to have your operation at Jiffy Lube?
Because that is what you get, when the feds fix things...


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